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After the traumatizing day that was buying tickets for Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour,” some further indulged in the experience and purchased VIP packages. There were a variety of packages sold, ranging from $199 to $899 dollars, depending on which one you purchased.

The least expensive of the five was the “It’s A Love Story Package.” The other packages included the “…ready for it Package,” “I Remember It All Too Well Package,” “Karma Is My Boyfriend Package” and “It’s Been A Long Time Coming Package.” The “It’s A Love Story Package” comes with the least amount of perks, but still offers a lot.

This includes:

“One Excellent Reserved Seated Ticket *
Special Edition Set of Four (4) Taylor Swift Prints (Designed Exclusively for VIPs)
—- Each Special Set Contains a Hand Numbered Print Designed Specifically for Your Show & City
Exclusive Taylor Swift VIP Merchandise
—- Commemorative Eras Tour VIP Tote Bag
—- Collectible Taylor Swift Pin, Sticker & Postcard Set + Souvenir Concert Ticket
—- Special Commissioned LED VIP Tour Laminate (Operates as Interactive Wearable at the Show!)”
More VIP Package Info available on Ticketmaster!

As the tickets went up in price, more items were added to the package or better seats were given.

After seeing what the Reputation Stadium Tour VIP Packages looked like, fans were very excited to receive theirs for this summer’s tour.

However, some were disappointed by the contents of the merchandise. There have been complaints about the same image being used on everything, and in comparison to Reputation’s (which included a screen playing Swift speaking to fans), it did not come close.

Fans said that they seemed “thrown together at the last minute” and that using the same picture for all of the merchandise was boring. Many were hoping for exclusive pictures that fans have not had access to yet, but were disappointed.

After such high standards coming from the Reputation packages, many were expecting Swift’s merchandise team to do better. Some are even commenting on social media that she needs to fire whoever is on the team because they haven’t enjoyed what the Taylor Swift Store makes available for purchase. Fans have been feeling this way for a while now, but since the packages were revealed, their feelings truly solidified.

This caused people to be worried that The Eras Tour tour wouldn’t match the standards set by the Reputation Stadium Tour, because of how extravagant the latter was. Fans hoped that these VIP packages were not a precursor to the quality of the show. A user on Twitter said, “Do you know what I am getting afraid of? That the show wont be as spectacular as Reputation tour…..everything so far about this tour in comparison to [Reputation] is much worse and I am afraid it will continue to go like this.”

Overall, I still have high hopes for the show. I know that the VIP Packages have been underwhelming and subpar at best, but from what we have seen of the show so far, things seem promising for The Eras Tour.

Shannon is a junior from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in sports studies. She loves La La Land, rom-coms, and the music industry (Taylor Swift). Follow her on Twitter @shantanczos!