Studying For Finals As Told By Harry Potter

Finals week is here, collegiettes! We all have been putting off our final papers and studying until the last minute, but have no fear. The members of Hogwarts know just how you’re feeling whether you’re studying for biology or potions with Snape.

1. Frat Formal Friday and Movin' On have come and gone, and the sad realization that you need to start studying has set in

2. You sit down all motivated like

3. Four hours in and you’re starting to lose your motivation, so you decide to go for a walk and grab some food to refuel

4. You come back after your study break, but when you return, you see that six other people have encroached on your study spot

5. You try to ignore them, but all you really feel like doing is letting them know how you really feel about them talking while you’re trying to study

6. You’re now 10 hours into studying, and your motivation is at an all-time low

7. You start hallucinating because the information has gone in one ear and out the other

8. At this point, your roommates are sending out SOS messages because you haven’t come home in over 12 hours

9. They ask you if you’re ever coming home and your response is...

10. 3 a.m. and you’re about to leave the library for the night to start your long trek home

11. You get home, and you’re tired, hungry and ready to admit defeat for the day

12. You crawl into bed and get ready to start all over again tomorrow

Hang in there, Staters. Finals week will be a breeze.


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