Sorry That I'm "Too Busy" For You

Dating; it’s a fun game of twister. First, you never know what’s gonna happen next. Second, it’s challenging. Meeting someone new and getting to know them is great but eventually you’ll come to know their beliefs, values, and expectations for relationships.

Sometimes these expectations align with yours and sometimes they don’t. That’s normal. But then there are times where these expectations are so different than yours that you just gotta “jump off the ship” so to speak. This happened to me not too long ago.

It’s normal for people to be involved in things, like work, clubs, school, and/or a sport. Well, according to the person I was seeing, I was involved in “too much.”

In past relationships this person was in, the girl was always available to hang out. Well, I am not those girls.

I’m in college, I want to experience as much as I can in my time here. I want to go to events, exhibits, and talks. I’m involved in two clubs and I’m on the executive boards in both because I put my time into things I find valuable. I want to create a positive and meaningful impact in my community.

And not to go off but to go off, where are these expectations for men? You don’t have guys being shamed because they’re too busy? Because I’m a woman, guys should just expect most of my time to revolve around them? No, I don’t think so. Why should we be held to this standard? It’s 2019 for goodness sake! Women have never had so many opportunities ever before and you bet I’m taking advantage of that. I made time for this guy in my busy schedule, but apparently it wasn’t “enough” time for him.

In a relationship, you should be grateful for any time that you get. Out of all the things I could be doing, I’m choosing to spend my time with you. 

So don’t apologize for being involved, going to events, focusing on school and your friends. I’d rather spend my time changing the world than doting on some dude.