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Sorority Rush 101

Heels are clacking, freshmen are lurking and girls are chanting. Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again… the time for the fall 2012 formal Panhellenic Sorority recruitment!

Each year a new crop of young ladies sets out on an adventure to find the perfect fit within the Penn State community. Often times, that place can easily be found within the warmth of a Greek organization that they can call their home.

Occurring twice a year, the fall and spring recruitment processes allow the possibility for a number of chapters to gain new members. While spring recruitment is more of a laid-back process, fall recruitment is listed as a formal event with a highly organized and stringent procedure in order to better manage the amount of women participating.

With Penn State containing one of the largest Greek systems in the country, including 19 sororities as a part of the Interfraternity Council, this year’s rush class brought in record breaking numbers, exceeding the space available in 100 Thomas for orientation last night.

The fall 2012 recruitment process has been dwindled down to last only one week, a change from the past schedule of a 10-day process. For better or for worse, these girls have their days jam-packed.
The schedule goes as follows:

It begins with open houses, the chance to visit each sorority for 15 minutes. Lasting three days from Tuesday, September 4, to Thursday, September 6, this round is best for getting a feel for not only the process itself, but the sororities individually.

First rounds are to follow on Friday and Saturday. This is better known as the philanthropy round. During these events, each potential new member gets the opportunity to learn about each sorority’s philanthropy, passions and values while completing a craft related to their cause.

Second rounds are up next, lasting all day on Sunday. This level allows the girls to get to know the sorority on a deeper, more personal level by viewing a documentary made by the sorority to display their personalities and involvement. This round used to be known as “skit round,” in which the sisters would perform a short skit, however a decision to change it was made after last fall.

With one day to go, Her Campus would like to cordially invite you to preference night on Monday, September 10, often described as “pref night,” the biggest night of them all. If you were Cinderella, this was the ball. This is the night that seals the deal. Each sorority will have 50 minutes to spend with their potential new members in a way different than ever before. The sororities go all out: decorating their suites and floor levels to welcome the potentials to what could be the beginning of their future. Frequently this is the most emotional part of recruitment — that is, opposed to…

BID DAY! Tuesday, September 11 will mark the day casually branded as the occasion allowing guys on campus to get entertainment out of watching women celebrate their offering of sisterhood– but us gals know better. This is the moment each girl rushing has been waiting for since the beginning; the finale, the day a flood of emotion bursts down the HUB-Robeson lawn to meet the girls who are sure to become their new best friends. OK, maybe that’s what the boys were talking about, but we all watch the E! Network, excitement is entertaining, embrace it.

To all the rushes: May the odds be ever in your favor, and…

Happy rushing!

For more information on the Penn State Panhellenic Council visit: http://pennstatephc.org/

Born and raised by two Nittany Lions, Rachel continued the tradition by attending Penn State University in the fall of 2009. Currently a senior journalism major, Rachel also spends her time minoring in both psychology and Spanish. During her sophomore year she wrote for the Greek newspaper at Penn State as a member of Alpha Xi Delta, followed by joining the Her Campus team as a writer and the Public Relations/Social Media Manager in the fall of her junior year. In search of mastering the Spanish language, Rachel indulged herself in the country of Spain for five months while she studied abroad in the city of Alicante during the spring of 2012. In order to keep her English up to par, Rachel blogged about her experiences for both her personal account and Her Campus at Penn State. With a love for shoes, smiles, and a good bowl of mac and cheese, this social media fiend never leaves her twitter by its lonesome. Follow Rachel @hayhayitsrayray as she pursues her dream as an aspiring magazine editor and world traveler.
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