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Social Media Influencer Jadah Doll

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

The title may not sound like much, but after reading our interview with Penn State sophomore and social media superstar Jadah Doll, you’ll never underestimate the power of the post. Trust us ladies, this girl is going to be famous. 


HC: You have around 1.5 million followers on social media combined! We know that you probably get this all the time, but how did you initially become famous throughout social media?

JD:  Haha, you’re right. That seems to always be the first thing people ask me! To be utterly honest, I’m unsure how it occurred – it just happened so fast! My friends forced me to make an Instagram with them, and next thing I know, thousands of people are following me! It was absurd! As a teenager, I was ecstatic to have so many people (even if they were strangers) supporting me. I also don’t prefer the word “famous.” Trust me, I’m no Beyoncé honey. Just a girl with curly hair chasing her dreams.


HC: So many young women look up to you as their role model. Why do you think that is?

JD: It’s such a blessing. I feel honored when young women and even little girls tell me that. Why? Hmm… well, from the beginning I always promoted body positivity (and feminism)! As you can clearly tell, I’m not exactly a “Victoria’s Secret” model material. And that’s okay, a majority of the world isn’t. While having that type of body is amazing, so is everyone else’s body – no matter the size or shape. I support all women; no matter their race, skin color, height, weight – it doesn’t matter. It truly shouldn’t matter to anyone. So In a nutshell, I guess what I’m saying is, my theory is that I believe women appreciate other positive women. We’re all just supporting and appreciating one another, and that’s why I love doing what I do; bringing out both inner and outward beauty. 

HC: How has your life changed since becoming a social media influencer?

JD: It’s changed tremendously! It’s such a busy type of lifestyle. Before, Netflix and naps were my entire life. I’m not joking at all. I’d plan my day around my naps, and I’d get super excited for tomorrow’s nap. It was exhausting being so pumped for each nap. But now with school, as well as working on my brand, I hardly have time to even blink! I love it so much more though. Feeling motivated to better myself, while traveling around the world and meeting awesome people in the process, definitely helped me to forget about my long lost loves (Netflix and naps…and sometimes snacks).


HC: We have to know… Who are some of the celebrities that follow you on these social media platforms?

JD: I can’t name drop! That’s like the number one rule! But… Rihanna may or may not follow me on twitter * Starts coughing then fabulously winks*


HC: We’ve heard that you’ve had quite the fabulous year! You partnered with Too Faced Cosmetics and became part of the “Lipstick Mafia.” Can you tell us about that experience?

JD: Yes! One of my proudest moments! Too Faced Cosmetics is absolutely one of the best high-end makeup brands out there. When I’m in Sephora or Ulta, I literally scurry to their aisle first every single time. I was screaming when they told me they wanted me to be part of the campaign! Myself and five other social media influencers (who are all absolutely amazing – I was secretly fan-girling) got to illustrate our love of lipstick with the world as well as sharing why lipstick and wearing makeup in general empowers us as women. I mean, can you ask for a better job? Other than a professional puppy-petter…I think not.


HC: You were also just in the April issue of Seventeen. Can you explain how it felt to actually see yourself in the popular magazine?

JD: I was in shock! That was actually my goal for 2015. I was extremely proud to make it a reality. It was such a surreal feeling to see my face in a magazine that I’ve been subscribed to since I was wearing Limited Too and collecting Tamagachis and Pokémon cards. It was so funny because my grandma literally bought ALL of them from her local CVS, Target, and Walmart. ALL. OF. THEM. God bless her soul, if there happens to be some sort of apocalypse and you want some quality teenage pop-culture literature, Grandma’s house is the move. Shoutout to Mimi. I love you! Grandpa too! Wait…can I say that?


HC: You also just had your first meet and greet in Toronto, Canada. Congratulations! How was it to meet so many of your supporters in one place?

JD: One word: AMAZING! It is the most nerve-wracking amazingly phenomenal experience to actually see my supporters. I can’t even put it into words how remarkable the feeling is to hug those individuals who believe in me and love me as much as I love them.


HC: Do you plan on having more meet and greets in the future? If so, where?

JD: Yes! Next stop, New York, baby!


HC: What’s in store for Jadah Doll’s future?

JD: I have a lot of great things in the works! I can’t quite disclose them yet, but my mission is to really make an impact on the world. I refuse to go through life without trying to impact it for the better. None of us should! I am truly passionate about following the quote, “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough.”


HC: Do you have any advice for our Her Campus readers?

JD: Treat yo’ self. 

Jessie is a Pennsylvania State University alumna. During Jessie's time at Her Campus at Penn State, she served as the vice president/head editor, social media chairwoman and a contributing writer. Aside from Her Campus, Jessie is a founding sister of the sorority ΦΣΣ: Beta Eta chapter and served as a business team member and social media chairwoman for the Penn State yearbook, La Vie. In her free time, Jessie indulges in her guilty pleasure, "The Bachelor" and enjoys a healthy feminist rant while aiming to destroy the patriarchy one female empowerment article at a time.
Rachael David is currently a senior at Penn State University and serves as the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Penn State. She is majoring in public relations and minoring in psychology. Her love of creative writing and all things Penn State is what inspired her to become a member of the HC team in the fall of 2013. Her background experience includes working for the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Penn State as a social media intern in the spring of 2014 and is currently working as a social media intern for an internet marketing company in Harrisburg called WebpageFX. This past summer she also served as a PR intern for Tierney Communications. Rachael enjoys anything media related especially catching up on her favorite shows, including Saturday Night Live and any show on Food Network. She has a passion for food but also loves being active and spending her free time running or hiking. She hopes to gain more experience in all aspects of the media industry during college and plans on pursuing a career writing for a life & style publication in the future.