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Seven Essentials for Your Spring Break Bag

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

As crazy as it sounds, we are coming up on spring break (thank goodness). If your semester has been anything like mine, you deserve a long siesta. 

Not only has the weather been miserable, but it seems like everyone on campus could use a break from the stress of college life. 

When it comes to spring break, it is always hard to know what to pack. You don’t want to have a crowded suitcase, but you need to be prepared for any situation. Nothing is worse than packing all your clothes and leaving the one thing you needed at home.

Here are seven essentials to pack for your destination away from exams, labs and overbearing courses. 

Fanny pack

With Lululemon belt bags taking the stage, everyone and their mothers have probably purchased some sort of fanny pack. 

Not only is it the safest option to bring out the beach, but it’s the perfect bar bag as well. It can hold all of your essentials from cash to pepper spray. 

Pack your pack and keep it within reach! Good luck to any pickpocket who tries to infiltrate the front pocket. 

A Solid pair of sneakers

With spring break comes a lot of walking. No matter where you go, you will most likely be on your feet at the beach, at the restaurants and out to the nightlife. 

Invest in good pair of sneakers that you won’t mind getting scuffed up. They will be a lifesaver for your tired feet at the end of the night. 

Who needs heels when you got a classic sneaker to compliment your outfit? 

A loud speaker

For all of the tropical beachgoers, nothing compliments tanning like some good tunes.

For the early morning beach walk or for the late afternoon happy hour, everything is better with music and you won’t want to forget it! 

Here is the perfect playlist to start off your day or to play to get ready to go out! 

Aloe and sunscreen

For most of us, our skin has not seen the full effects of the sun in many months. Sunscreen will be our best friend. 

It is so tempting to throw caution to the wind and go without the protection of sunscreen, but be careful. You do not want to be fried like a lobster with five days left on your vacation. 

For some extra good measure, pack some aloe for relief from the nasty burns. Nothing feels better than cold aloe after a long day in the sun. 

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a good book

Regardless if you are a big reader, it is always smart to have a book on hand for some light beach reading. 

The feeling of reading on the beach and listening to the waves is an unmatched feeling of bliss.  

You and your friends can trade throughout the weekend and have a mini book club! 

a big water bottle

Hydration is key in these hot temperatures we are dreaming about, and quantity is essential. 

Being on the beach for long periods of time, it is important to have plenty of water with you and have it cold. 

There is no reason to spend an arm and a leg to keep yourself hydrated. Check out Amazon for quality water bottles for half the price.  

Liquid iv

Along with hydrating with water, pack some backup and stock up on Liquid IV or Pedialyte. It will save you in the long run. 

It will cure your hangover and get you ready to lie in the sun the next day without a blink of an eye. 

Luckily, looking no further than Amazon to help cure the nasty headaches post-night out.


Have a wonderful spring break collegiettes, and stay safe!

Current Senior at PSU UP. I live right outside of DC in Bethesda, MD and I am on track to be an Advertising and Public Relations major with a minor in Business I love sitcoms, stand-up and spend my time hanging out with friends and traveling.