The Self Tanner That Will Change Your Life

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably had your fair share of self tanning mishaps. From substantial streaks to looking more orange than a cast member of the Jersey Shore, I’ve been through it all. But, like a serious self-tanning soldier, I still continue to try products that will help me to achieve the bronzed and glowy look I so desperately seek.

After spending way more money than I’d like to admit on spray tans, I wanted something that would last for more than a week while still making me feel just as confident. Because let’s face it, nothing gives me a better self-esteem boost other than a lovely tan. After trying dozens of products (and I mean dozens), I took to Sephora and just vented to the employee. I told her my self-tanning tragedies as well as my expectations for the perfect one, hoping she can steer me in the right direction.

Like an angel sent down from Heaven, the kind employee recommended Isle of Paradise’s self-tanning drops, in the color medium. She said she simply mixes it with her moisturizer everyday to ensure a natural tan. I was hesitant to purchase, since I have never even heard of the company before. I was almost certain she was going to try to sell me something from St. Tropez, since with a name as bougie as that, it has to be good, right? But, I decided to trust the employee and purchase the small bottle of drops. And I’m happy I did! 

The first time I used the drops, I was TERRIFIED. One mistake and you are streaky. Or worse: you’re orange. But I put my fears aside and placed 3 drops into my moisturizer and rubbed it in so precisely. The first thing I realized after using the drops was the pleasant smell (I am scarred from the aroma of the Jerugen’s self tanner). It was natural and fresh and far from nauseating. As the next day rolled around, I definitely noticed a darker hue but nothing too dramatic. So, the following night I added three more drops and reapplied.

The following day is when I started to notice the real difference. It was a natural tan, just like the Sephora employee said, and it definitely was visible. I got compliments from friends and family telling me how tan I looked. Although I wish the tan was from a recent voyage to a tropical island, I sadly had to tell them it was simply from Isle of Paradise’s drops. I also noticed a major change in my skin. As someone who is prone to the occasional breakouts, especially on the cheeks, I failed to see any flare-ups.

Instead, my skin seemed to become smoother, and my acne scars were becoming less apparent.  After finishing the small bottle within three weeks (sorority recruitment is to blame), I knew I had to repurchase. As I was scrolling on Isle of Paradise’s website, I learned some amazing things about the company. I learned that their products are all organic, vegan friendly and cruelty free. Although the amazing product reeled me in, it was learning that I am supporting a company whose products seek to cause little harm to the environment, that really captured my heart. I recommend everyone use Isle of Paradise’s self-tanner, or better yet, check out their other products! I hope their products leave you feeling more beautiful and confident than ever.