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“Schitt’s Creek” Is a Must-Watch Sitcom

If you haven’t watched “Schitt’s Creek” yet then here is your sign to stop whatever show you’re currently binging on Netflix, and turn on this must-watch sitcom. This comedy follows the Roses — a wealthy family of aristocrats who lose all of their money and must now adjust to life in a small town called Schitt’s Creek. 


This amusing television show has witty and hysterical characters that you will instantly fall in love with. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should start watching “Schitt’s Creek.”

Unique Plot

I have to say that there is something quite enjoyable about watching a rich family try to adjust to their new life in a small-town motel. Never has there been a comedy show that approached the topic of familial survival in an environment such as the town of Schitt’s Creek. We have seen various shows about families such as “Blackish,” “Modern Family,” and “Full House,” but none of these programs come close to the unique plot found in “Schitt’s Creek.”

Hilarious Characters

Each of the characters in “Schitt’s Creek” is undeniably entertaining and each has an interesting storyline. Johnny Rose is the patriarch of the Rose family and spends his time in Schitt’s Creek attempting to gain back what he lost — his credibility as a successful businessman. 


His wife, Moira, a former soap opera star, struggles with the loss of her lavish lifestyle and the acceptance of her lackluster acting career. Then there is Alexis, the IT girl with a love of hair bands who has countless stories about being kidnapped and traveling the world. Last but not least, David Rose is the sarcastic son who has a flare for the dramatic and a quirky sense of style — quite frankly, he carries the show.

LGBTQ+ Representation

Early on in the first season, David explains to another character that he is not gay or straight, but pansexual. I knew that this was an incredibly important moment not only for “Schitt’s Creek” but for television as a whole, because I had never seen a character represented as anything other than gay, straight, or bisexual. 


Furthermore, in the later seasons, the show delves deep into David’s romantic relationship with his business partner Patrick. The special nature of this depiction on television is that the audience is right beside Patrick as he comes to terms with his sexuality and eventually his coming out story to his parents.

Impressionable Characters

If you are friends with people who have watched “Schitt’s Creek” you may have heard them yell the occasional “DAVID.” This line, delivered in that specific ‘Alexis’ voice, is constantly repeated throughout the seasons and has become the go-to phrase for an Alexis impression. 


Not only will you find yourself mimicking Alexis, but also Moira’s iconic and distinct accent. Her attempt to speak like the queen and her affinity to make up words as she speaks is another hilarious aspect of her character. 

Historic Emmy Nominations and Wins

This past year at the 72nd Emmys, “Schitt’s Creek” had 19 nominations and a total of nine wins. In its final season, the cast created Emmys history after sweeping the awards for television comedy. 


The cast and crew won in these categories: Outstanding Lead Actor, Outstanding Lead Actress, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Outstanding Supporting Actor, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Contemporary Costumes, and Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series.

You can find “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix with all six seasons available to watch. Each season has 13 episodes running at approximately 21 minutes, making it a quick and easy watch! Once you finish binging the series, you can even watch the documentary about the making of “Schitt’s Creek” with the cast. 

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