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To splurge or not to splurge? While debating what fashion advice I can supply the world with today, I received a notification from my bank reminding me of my hefty $3.50 sitting in my account (I choose to splurge a little too much). Although I have written dozens of articles on budgeting while still maintaining style, I have never laid out exactly what fashion items are worth the spending, and what items are just not. This list is totally subjective- if you find an item I say isn’t worth the cash- and you think it is- spend that money! Fashion is all about the individual, but I’m just here for some guidance!

Gold Jewelry: Splurge

Imagine a world where you don’t have to take off all your jewelry before you shower. Gold jewelry is one of my favorite fashion accessories, as it is always the perfect touch to any ensemble. Whether it’s rings, chains or studs, synthetic gold jewelry’s lifespan is about as long as a plant. It’ll turn green before you know it.

Although we all can’t splurge on the real deal, there are tons of sites and jewelers that sell gold jewelry that won’t tarnish. Mercari and Adina’s Jewels are some of my favs that have affordable price tags but will last you longer than your attention span studying for finals. 

Sunglasses: Save 

As a girl who has an extensive Ray Ban collection, this feels wrong to say, but the sunglass dupes out there are seriously so similar and half the real price.

Websites like Amazon or Princess Polly are really good at taking those signature styles of designer sunglasses and turning them into ones you can afford. 

Shoes: Splurge

There are very few feelings better than buying a new pair of shoes. The excitement, the joy, the everything that comes with undoing that packaging and slipping on those babies- ugh! I need a new pair. Unless you’re still going through puberty, shoes are something that you can keep for years and years- the size will never change. So, wouldn’t you want to spend the extra bucks ensuring that you can get good use out of them for years, instead of just buying the cheapest option that will most likely fall apart in a hot sec?

If splurging on shoes is still something new to you, I suggest waiting for the deals to roll around. Shoe designers like Steve Madden often have good sales a few times a year, where you can buy one pair and get another 50%, or even more. Do some research to see when deals are going to be so you can get more bang for your buck! 

Leggings: Splurge

Just how I said there is no better feeling than buying a new pair of shoes, there is no worse feeling than when a pair of black leggings gets that stretched out feel and becomes see-through. This is the result of some cheap black leggings- yes, I caved in to those $3 Forever 21 leggings too.

However, leggings are something that will never go out of style, whether you wear them to workout or sport them with a cute top, they are one of the most versatile pieces in all our closets. Thus, spending a little extra money on some leggings that will not rip, stretch or become transparent is important to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable in a pair of pants that you are always wearing. This is what I like to call self-care!

Any unique color item: Save

This isn’t a specific item, it’s a specific color. Sometimes, we are gravitated towards a certain unique color, for it draws us in immediately and does something special to us! However, spending money on unordinary color items is just not worth it- since you won’t be able to style it with as many things as you can think of. 

For example, I bought this beautiful red fur coat- and spent a little too much on it (but that’s ok- research purposes). I styled it once or twice but cannot seem to think of any other ways that will make the coat look as innovative and interesting as it did the first few times. Also, with such a vibrant red color, many people have recognized it and will remember the last time I wore it. Looking back, I wish I would’ve saved my money and purchased a cheaper red coat that I could wear those few times and not feel guilty for packing her back up.

Purses: Splurge

A designer purse purchase is a rite of passage. I believe everyone deserves to experience the excitement of receiving a designer bag- whether it has the class of a Louis Vuitton monogram or those Chanel double C’s, purses will always be worth it to me.

Knock-offs are not the same quality, not to mention they totally discredit the designer. Whether it takes you years to save up for one or you received under the Christmas tree, that initial excitement is worth the wait and the splurge.

Again, this list is completely based on my personal opinion and own experiences, but I hope you have some more insight into what you should and shouldn’t spend your money on. Making mistakes and splurging when you should've saved or saving when you should've splurged is all a part of the adulting process- and it’s the same when it comes to stepping into your fashion destiny. 

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am a junior at Penn State! I am currently studying Advertising and Public Relations with minors in French and History. I have an incredible love for fashion and I hope to one day fulfill my dream of working in the fashion industry.
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