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ROAR For Good: Fashionable Safety Jewelry for Empowered Women

It’s nighttime. There is barely any light coming from the streetlights running along the sidewalk. You seem to have been the only one pulling an all-nighter at the library tonight. Your apartment is too far from campus to call someone to walk you home. No one else is out. It’s just you.

It can be scary walking home alone at night. Some girls have pepper spray or knives. But what if there was a better option? A new company, ROAR, is looking to fill that need. ROAR For Good is creating a new line of jewelry, called Athena, which can act as a panic button if something bad happens to you on your walk home at night. Once pressed, a loud alarm will go off, your friends and family will be alerted of your location through text message and the authorities will be called - all at once.

While the jewelry has not been released yet, there is a current IndieGoGo campaign raising money to get the idea off the ground. ROAR has set to raise $40,000, and they have already surpassed the goal. Pre-order the jewelry and support the cause HERE.

And the company is not stopping there. ROAR for Good is committed to reducing violence and abuse by investing in non-profits. Ten percent of the money raised by their IndieGoGo campaign will be donated to raising awareness about abuse and violence towards women.

Want more information? Visit www.roarforgood.com

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