The Rise of Trucker Hats

This summer trucker hats are going to take over. I have seen some big influencers already pulling them off in the warm California weather, and it’s just the start of the trend. 


The trucker hat trend is neon hats with “trendy” quotes or designs. The hats give off a beachy-summer vibe.


Major brands have already joined the wave of trucker hats, but the price is high. On my TikTok for-you page, I have also seen some small businesses creating stylish hats. The hats are cute and the prices are reasonable too. 


Some of my favorites are listed below-

  1. 1. Aviator Nation- a major brand loved by influencers

    With the company based in California, they were the starters of this trend. These are beachy hats, with fun summer colors.


    The hats have designs of rainbows, waves, quotes saying, “ride the surf,” “rock and roll,” and “California is for lovers.” But these hats are a tad pricey, costing $46.

  2. 2. Hatsbymal on Etsy

    The small business only has 137 sales so far, but I expect this to change. The hats are all neon colors with a bright yellow smiley face. 


    Recently a collection of hats with the saying “howdy honey” has been released. The yellow smiley face gives off summer vibes, as well as Justin Bieber’s Drew House brand. 


    I have seen this hat on my for-you page multiple times. The videos are always flooded with the question “where can I buy this.” People love it. 


    Prices range from $23-$25 which is very affordable and reasonable for a hat. Through this, you can also support small businesses.

  3. 3. on Etsy

    This is another small business that can be found on Instagram, with their website in their bio. Videos of this hat have blown up on Tiktok and people are eager to know where it's from. 


    These hats can be customized with initials and organization logos. The brand has also jumped on the very popular smiley face boat with hats available in multiple colors. 


    The creator of the business, Claire, shared the meaning behind the naming of  Threesandeights.  


    “Truckers speak in numbers. Threes and eights is sort of a send-off for them when they leave their loved ones. It's trucker slang for love, best wishes, and good luck!” 


    The hats are all $25.

  4. 4. XOKendallCo on Etsy

    Another small business that can be found on Etsy. 


    On their page you will find neon hats with the infamous neon smiley face hat, Dunkin’ Donuts themed hats, “over it” rainbow hats, and much more. 


    The price of hats ranges from $24-$26.

While these businesses sell very similar products, each hat differs from one another. Majority of these hats are reasonably priced, and you would be supporting a small business.  


Who doesn’t love that? 


Keep your eyes out for these awesome businesses. Get on the trend and go purchase a trucker hat.