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There are some days I just don’t want to leave my room. Whether that’s to go to class, go to my clubs, run errands or even get food, the thought of leaving the comfort of my space and of my bed just fills me with dread.

Over the summer, instead of spending time out in about (in Florida nonetheless), I chose to stay in my room, never really leaving unless I was hanging with the few friends I had in the state or going work. I realized as I returned to university how severe my slump was, and that I needed to get out of it.

I began by tackling the one thing I dreaded the most, which was physically leaving my room. While it took some effort, I began finding reasons outside my dorm that brought me happiness and joy.

I know everyone has those days, weeks maybe even months where it seems like the reasons to leave our space are little to none, but I wanted to give you just a few reasons (besides socializing) that might make other spaces grow to be comforting too.

The Environment

One of the first few things I did to get out of my funk was take long walks and enjoy the scenery. Whether it was looking at the leaves, finding new hidden gems all around school or breathing in the fresh air, I felt myself feeling very at peace.

There’s just something about simply walking around and enjoying the small pleasures that nature’s beauty offers that heal a piece of the soul.

Nature has many wonders so go give them a look, who knows what wonders you might end up exploring. Walks are also a great addition to any daily activity (they’re even better if you have a jamming playlist).

Fun Activities

There’s something about going out and playing games I haven’t played in years that’s so much fun. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone alone to late-night bingo sessions, and you’d be surprised how competitive bingo gets when the prize is valuable enough to college students.

I also have partaken in simply curling up on benches with a great novel and enjoying the leisurely pleasure of a good book, which I highly recommend to my fellow readers. Once I started avidly looking for things to do, I found so many activities that campus offered to students as a way to destress and have fun!

Another good activity is the gym. I have also found great fun in regular cycling and pilates classes, all free to attend!

There are so many activities to partake in, you just have to go and find them.

Sports events

Perhaps you aren’t that much of a sports watcher, or a sports enthusiast in general. But while some sporting events do cost money to attend, many Penn State sports are free for students to watch.

I didn’t even know that men’s basketball could be so exciting, and yet after attending one game I couldn’t wait for the next one. While sports may not be something everyone enjoys, feeling the thrill of everyone in the crowd going wild in the stands is an indescribable feeling.

So give it a try, maybe there’s a sport that piques your interest.

All the opportunities you might miss out on

It’s sad to say but life keeps moving even if you’ve become stagnant.

While your room or your home may be a place you think you can stay forever, there are so many opportunities in the world that are waiting for you. Sometimes in life, we must go at our own pace and that isn’t a bad thing, so long as we keep it moving and finding things to love.

Life might have its moments where it feels like you’ve hit a block, but there is always a path forward. The best parts of life happen outside of your room, and you definitely don’t want to miss them.

Elonie is a sophomore currently attending Penn State as a journalism major. When she's not busy, she's curled up starting Netflix shows she'll never finish.