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Penn State’s favorite tailgate puppies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Finding a tailgate can often turn into a struggle. Either a dropped pin doesn’t load, or your friend told you that her family was near one of the thousands of “Penn State” flags on the tailgating fields. The walks to the tailgate can turn into treacherous and long journeys. However, one event can turn any long walk through the tailgate field into the best day ever: Meeting a puppy. Here are some of the best Penn State puppies you’ll meet at a tailgate:


1. Quarterback puppy

This puppy arrived at the tailgate ready to play. He’s dressed in a jersey, proclaiming his Penn State pride. He’s ready to play ball to warm-up before the game.


2. Hydrated Puppy

This puppy needs a break after running around all day with people at the tailgate. Before he can continue with tailgate festivities, he needs to take a water break and will be ready to resume playing games after.


3. Tailgate ready puppy

This puppy can’t wait to get out of the elevator and head to the tailgates. He knows he’ll be fed a nice burger and have free range to run through the fields, instead of being cooped up in an apartment. 


4.  Smiling puppy

Although tailgates are usually packed with fun activities and different games to play, this puppy is ecstatic to take time out of his tailgate schedule and pose for pictures with anyone who asks.


5. Cuddle Puppy

This puppy enjoys receiving cuddles from any passerby. He loves the central location of his tailgate because it means that people will stop by to pet and hug him.  


6. Tiny Puppy 

This puppy is new to Penn State so he has some trouble finding his way around the fields. He loves being held so he doesn’t have tire out his little legs trying to learn his way.



7. Sunbathing puppy

This husky is having an excellent time at his tailgate. He enjoys time with his family and friends, but also loves catching some rays before tailgate weather drops to freezing temperatures.


8. Puppy that just wants to make friends

As this puppy walks from tailgate to tailgate he cannot help it but stop and play with anyone who passes him. He looks forward to meeting new pals every game day. He can’t wait to befriend and share a snack with anyone who stops by his tailgate.


Locating tailgates in a crowded area can cause some frustration. However, meeting puppies along the way eases the stress and reminds you of the true meaning of game day: meeting puppies and bringing old friends together as you cheer on your favorite team. 

Maire is a junior at Penn State majoring in psychology. She loves ice cream, writing, and crocs. She hopes to grow as a writer during her time at Her Campus. She loves the environment. Follow her vegetarian food Instagram for cool and fun content @iturnipforvegetables !
Allie Maniglia served as the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Penn State from 2017-2018. She majored in public relations with minors in international studies and communication arts and sciences. If she's not busy writing away, you can find her planning her next adventure (probably back to the U.K.), feeding an unhealthy addiction to HGTV or watching dog videos on YouTube.