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Penn State rapper, Doug Right

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.


Name: Doug Right

Year: Freshman

Major: DUS

Hometown: Great Neck, New York

State College has a great new artist to move their hips and bump their heads too. Doug Right has all his Penn State fans craving for more music as more and more of his songs are released on YouTube. Even though he is a freshman, this rapper will blow you away!

HC: So what made you become interested in rapping?

Doug: I started playing the guitar in middle school, and I would write song through that. Then in 10th grade I began liking hip hop a lot, which led to me meeting my Chris Jackson who has a lot of beats, and we started recording from there.

HC: Who are your primary influences?

Doug: Kid Cudi, Kendrik Lamar, Macklemore, and Jcole.

HC: I noticed that your studio is at a frat, how do you like making music in such a fun and spontaneous environment?

Doug: It is definitely challenging because of so many distractions. However everyone supports and respects the people in the studio.

HC: Freestyling is such a major part of your rapping style. How does freestyling actually work?

Doug: The key to freestyling is to not think about it. Just be in the zone, and love the beat.

HC: Can we expect to hear you at a party? Do you have any planned events?

Doug: In the future I will be playing at Pi Kappa and Beta Sig parties and I will hopefully be playing at Delaware’s THON.

HC: What is a common topic in your songs?

Doug: They are really just about me and what I have gone through. Also trying to express myself so others can relate to me.

HC: If you are ever out on a date would you spit a rap just to impress her?

Doug: Probably not, but definitely at a party.

HC: Would you classify yourself as a college rapper?

Doug: I am a college rapper but I don’t do frat rap. What I go into, and what I am trying to do with my rap goes a lot further than the college life.

Check out his music here: http://www.youtube.com/user/chrisjacksonent

Maddie is a junior at Penn State pursuing a major in Public Relations with a minor in Business. She is from Timonium, MD. She loves all things pop culture and hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.