Penn State Football Superlatives

With just a few days left until we get to see our team play again at the Blue & White game, we decided to put together some high school superlatives for the best players in college football (okay, we might be a little biased). Either way, here are your Penn State Football superlatives:


Most Likely to Make the Campus Story: James Franklin

Whether you see him in line at Jamba Juice or driving around campus on his golf cart, people are always trying to get a picture of him (or if you’re lucky, with him) for Snapchat.


Class Clown: Marcus Allen

Whether he is posting videos of himself dancing or posting pictures of himself doing the Free Kodak pose, Allen is always good for a laugh.


Most Likely to Succeed: Gordon Bentley

As the recipient of the 2016 Highest Academic Average Award with a 3.9 GPA, Bentley continues to make his mark both on and off the field.


Prom King: Saquon Barkley

People already support a presidential run in 2020, so he would win prom king by a landslide.


Best to Bring Home to Your Parents: Trace McSorley

It doesn’t get much better than the quarterback of the football team who also happens to be an accounting major.


Best Smile: Nick Scott

Just look at it.


Best Hair: Blake Gillikin

He has Bieber hair circa 2010 and we don’t hate it.


Most Fashionable: Daesean Hamilton

When he’s not scoring on the field, he’s showing off his fashion sense on social media.


Most Likely to Go to the NFL: Mike Gesicki

Gesicki could have left Penn State early to enter the NFL draft, but he chose to stay and play for his senior year. We have no doubt he’ll be a top pick for recruiters at the end of this season.


Best Nickname: Big Toe Joe

Does this one even need an explanation? There are few times that Beaver Stadium gets louder than when Joey steps up to kick.


Best Sportsmanship: Jason Cabinda

Cabinda was recently voted team captain and chosen to be a member of Coach Franklin’s 2017 Leadership Council. If there’s anyone that loves Penn State Football more than you, it might be this guy.


Happy Blue & White Weekend, collegiettes!

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