An Open Letter To My Baby Sisters

Dear Sistas,   

As the long days go on filled with club meetings, hours in the library and nights that end up being too busy to remember, I find myself missing you two even more. I feel as though you two have so much left to learn, and I can’t possibly give you much advice because being away made me realize how much you both mean to me.

The days of us just lounging in our pajamas discussing our favorite television shows and who we wanted to marry someday seem so silly now. I want to tell you that you can and should cherish this time you have now because nothing will ever be the same after you throw that graduation cap in the air.

I just want you to know this life you are living now with mom making your lunch every morning and dad always making it to your winter concert even though it’s tough is a good life. It’s the life before all the papers, the bad dining hall food, and before you know what a real winter is like. Cherish it. I never realized how much I would miss the family dinners and driving you both around so much. The home-cooked meals go by way too fast especially when mom makes baked ziti and goes a little nuts and makes breakfast for dinner. Please, appreciate her - take into account that she does everything for the both of you.

I want you to remember to not be afraid to be yourself. I am learning so much here in chilly State College, and one of the things I have learned is how much high school relationships and who’s popular and who’s not doesn’t matter at all. It all goes away when you throw the graduation cap in the air and say goodbye to your childhood. So, don’t get fed up on that boy from your math class who doesn’t give you the time of the day because I have been there (unless you need to stalk his house - then wait for me, I’ll go with you). Don’t worry about one test, you’ll get it next time. Don’t care about what other people think about you - it’s your time to be anyone you want to be. Enjoy the lockers and the awkward school dances. It will never be like that again.

Thank you for everything. For making my childhood one for the books, for the pajama parties when we had snow days and for always letting me win when we had karaoke contests.

You both were my first friends, and I’ll always remember growing up with the cutest, most annoying pains but girls I could never imagine my life without. I know it’s tough to keep in contact 280 miles away from each other, but just know I’m only a FaceTime away. So, enjoy this time in your life - it’ll never be the same. Thanks for being you, and don’t forget your big sister knows how you feel and probably went through the same thing. I miss you both more than you know. I even miss when you came into my room without knocking (shocking, I know).


Love always,

Your (favorite) sister