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Let’s face it, countless artists seem to have a solid fifteen minutes of fame, only to evaporate into nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely guilty of humming along to a tune by an artist who’s name I don’t know. Nonetheless, I think it is our responsibility to give these musicians a lot more credit. With that being said, cheers to these one hit wonders who definitely deserve better.

Vance Joy

Every single summer, I hear “Riptide” playing literally everywhere I go. It’s a solid song, but since its release in 2013, the general public seemed to forget about Vance Joy. The Australian singer/songwriter picked up a bit of publicity after opening for Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour, but none of his other songs saw the light of the “Top Ten Charts.” Joy knows just how to pour his soul into a song. His tracks are the perfect tune for a nice sunny day. If you’re interested, start by checking out his recent album, “Nation of Two,” or his new single, “You”, featuring Benny Blanco and Marshmello.


We all know and love “Take Me to Church”, but Andrew Hozier Byrne deserves to be known as much more than a one hit wonder. A simple YouTube search will unveil his passionate performances and godly energy. The Irishman is not one to disappoint. In just two albums, he offers his fans a plethora of genres to enjoy. If you enjoy modern rock, Hozier’s “Foreigner God” and “Nina Cried Power” would be great starters for you. Softer listeners, though, tend to gravitate towards his dreamy folk tracks like “Like Real People Do” and “Cherry Wine.”

Looking Glass

Okay, here are perhaps the kings of one hit wonders. Looking Glass. You don’t know who they are? Yeah, no one does. Their hit “Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) ” graced pop music radio in 1972, and no one has heard much from Looking Glass since. Although “Brandy” takes up 7/12 slots of their top Apple Music songs, they have a lot of potential. Seriously, I want to blast “Golden Rainbow” by these guys while on a roadtrip to absolutely nowhere. I think oldies are completely valid and Looking Glass is totally worth the listen. 

Icona Pop

The Swedish duo Icona Pop definitely lives up to their name. Ever since the release of “I Love It” featuring Charli XCX in 2012, Icona Pop has been keeping busy. These ladies have since created content for the children’s movie “Trolls World Tour” and worked to produce music with Tove Lo. Unfortunately, they haven’t found themselves back on the top charts, but for now I’m content with listening to “Weekend” and “All Night.”

Foster the People

Back in 2010, Foster the People rang in the new decade with “Pumped Up Kicks,” unaware that that very single would earn them the title of one hit wonder. I definitely beg to differ. In just three albums, Foster the People brings a cool twist to the indie pop genre. Aside from “Pumped Up Kicks”, the group offers audiences with great tunes including “Sit Next to Me” and “Worst Nites”. 

Who’s your favorite one hit wonder?

Macy is a Pittsburgh, PA native with a passion for reading, writing, tree hugging, and music. She is pursuing a double major in biobehavioral health and English with a minor in leadership development. Outside of Her Campus, Macy spends her time with her golden retriever and her camera.
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