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My Spring Break Holy Trinity: Baltimore, Las Vegas and New York

Instead of hitting the beaches this spring break, I chose to enjoy a concert in my hometown, go to the city of Lost Wages, and experience Broadway.

My spring break officially started when my mom, sister and I sat 12th row for the Brad Paisley Virtual Reality Tour in Baltimore. The tour openers were American Idol winner and southern cutie, Scotty McCreery and The Band Perry.

Paisley opened with “Camouflage” and he promised us that he “wouldnt stop until they kick us out.” He entertained the audience with a combination of new and old hits, including duets with McCreery and The Band Perry.

Later in the night a hologram of Carrie Underwood walked across the stage and sang “Remind Me” with Paisley.  He then ended with an encore, inviting Scotty and The Band Perry onto the stage to enjoy some drinks while he serenaded all of us with his hilarious hit, “Alcohol.”

The next morning I was off to Vegas with my dad for some father-daughter bonding. We saw all of the hotels—everything reminded me of  “The Hangover,” of course—gambled a little bit—unfortunately we were not lucky whatsoever—and saw some shows.

David Copperfield, the illusionist, was unbelievable and a few of his amazing tricks included making a car appear on stage, making a toy duck turn into a real one, and to end the jaw-dropping performance, he made a few audience members disappear off stage and appear in the back of the theatre.

The Blue Man Group performance was very unique and funny, full of of neon paint and music performed on pipes.

Returning after a fun-filled several days, I went back to Baltimore to get ready for a two-day stay in the city that never sleeps, New York City, with my best friend. We were at the train station by 5:45 a.m. the next morning and ready to go. On our arrival to NYC at 9 a.m., we headed straight for the Al Hershfeld Theatre, where “How to Succeed Without Really Trying” is performed, starring Nick Jonas.

Oh, and did I forget to mention we are Nick Jonas’ No. 1 fans? We’ve followed his music and career from day one and getting a picture with him has been on the top of our bucket lists for five years now. We were the first ones to the theatre anxiously awaiting his arrival. After a few hours, only around 30 girls joined us. Then, our moment finally came.  

Pressed up against the barricades in the perfect position for a picture, we nervously waited for him to get to our side of the barricade. Luckily we were able to get our pictures taken with him and get his autograph as he flashed us a smile.

Even though it was only a 30 second encounter with our celebrity crush, I can honestly say it was  worth the five year wait.

But, we couldn’t end our trip after only seeing one celebrity. So, since we’re total celebrity junkies, we attempted to get stand-by tickets for a taping of Live! with Kelly!

Arriving to ABC studios at 6:30 a.m. helped us, because we were No. 3 and No. 4. We watched the live taping with guest co-host, Martin Short and to our surprise, the executive producer told us they were filming another episode using our audience.

For the second episode her co-host was Mark Consuelos—her hunky hubby. Being able to see behind the scenes of a show made it an extremely interesting experience. During each commercial break, Kelly and Consuelos would let the audience ask them questions, which never makes the air. And, we even got birthday wishes from Consuelos.

I had my ultimate spring break experience. I was able to see my favorite country artists, visit Las Vegas for the first time, and most importantly, I got my picture with Nick.

Maddie is a junior at Penn State pursuing a major in Public Relations with a minor in Business. She is from Timonium, MD. She loves all things pop culture and hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
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