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My Ranking of the State College Bars in the Spring

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, day drinking is getting closer and closer. If you’re newly 21, here are some ideas of where to spend your time outside in the nice wheater.


Doggie’s is the perfect place for chatting and quality drinks. Doggies can get busy but, it can also be the ideal place to just sit down and have a few drinks with friends when the weather is good.

Their happy hour on the weekend is from 9-11 p.m and their specialty drink is an iced coffee. This is the kind of bar you go early to beat the line for.


Cafe 210 is recognized as one of the top bars to go to when the weather is warm. Cafe is known for their pitchers and even has an explanation of how to order one of their website.

While Cafe attracts a lot of people, they have enough seating and space to fit everyone. There are two, large outdoor spots and two indoor spots for people to have a good time.


For those who haven’t been to Champs, they’ve definitely heard of it. Champs is one of the most popular bars in State College.

Celeberties suchas Travis Scott, Jonas Brothers, Saqueon Barklay and Ross Lynch have gone to Champs to either perform or have a good time.

Their specialty drink is the dirty sprite.This is definitely one of the spots you should have high on your list.

primanti brothers

Primanti Brothers (Pmans), is acknowledged as State College’s greek life bar. It is the best place for beer towers, drunk duck pitchers (that come with a rubber ducky) and good food.

If I am getting food I’ll probably get their classic boneless wings. As for drinks, I’ve really enjoyed the drunk duck pitchers and vodka crans.

Pmans is a great place for when it’s warm out because of its outdoor seating. However, you should get there early because their outdoor seating is quite limited.

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Brothers is a chain restaurant and bar that came to State College in early February of 2024. Brothers is known for their burgers and their long island pitchers.

Brothers is predominantly a sports bar and will be a great place to go during away games in the Fall.

While the food is good, the service is mediocre. Most of the new staff is newly trained and as expected will get better over time (they’re all very sweet though).

You know where you’ll find me this spring.


If you love country music, you’ll love Pickle’s country night. It’s a great excuse to throw on a pair of your old cowboy boots and hit the town.

While Pickle’s does not have outdoor seating, it’s another Penn State favorite that brings the country lovers together. One of their speciality drinks is the pickle back shot which is dark tequila and pickle juice.


The Phyrst is a popular bar for people turning 21. They’re also known for their blow job shots.

Unfortunately, the way the Phyrst is set up there are no windows as it’s in a basement. Essentially there is no way of telling time down there without your phone.

Additionally, the Phyrst is pretty small so it tends to get cramped quickly. Overall, a perfect place for your 21st and your first bar ever. Overall though, not high on the list.

Shandy gaff

The Shandygaff, also known as the Gaff, is the top spot for karaoke in State College. Aside from the karaoke, the Gaff attracts lots of customers with their fun variety of pitchers.

My personal favorite drink is the Sex on the Gaff. However, the Gaff is not the ideal spot for the spring because not only does it not offer outdoor seating, the establishment in its entirety only has one window.

One thing to remember is not everyone is a fan of karaoke and for that, it is low on the list.


Although the Basement is full of fun surprises like their shot wheel or the large dance floor, it’s not a good place if you’re looking for outdoor seating.

The Basement, as in its name, is a basement and therefore has no access to the outdoors. However if you’re looking for some time away from the sun, the Basement is perfect for you.

lion’s den

Lion’s Den, also known as the Den, is one of State College’s more rundown bars. The location is subpar being that it is right across one of State College’s most busy streets. If you’re waiting in line you’ll be waiting for a while on a thin strip of a sidewalk.

If there is one thing you can get right at the Den, it’s their prices. The Den offers $2 drinks, but there’s a price. In order for you to make a payment you need to reach a minimum of $10 if you’re using a debit or credit card.

Overall the place is extremely run down and cramped.

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Nothing can beat the bars at Penn State.

Penn State junior majoring in journalism and minoring in english! I hope you enjoy.