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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Like many women my age, I love makeup. Over the years, I have bought my fair share of makeup products, and while I can’t claim to be the world’s best makeup artist, I would say that over time my abilities have improved from where they once were.

As trends come and go and people’s taste change with time, my makeup routine has drastically changed over the years. From full faces of makeup five days a week, to only wearing mascara for almost two years.

Recently in the last few months, I have gotten back into makeup and forgotten how much I loved it. Some of these products have been my tried and true favorites for years, while others are more recent additions to my collection.

No matter how little or how long I have been using them, I feel that this combination has been the best one yet for me and I hope to say the same for years to come.

e.L.F Power Grip Primer

Primer is, in my opinion, a must have for any makeup look no matter how simple it may be. It truly is the key to giving your skin a smooth, flawless base for all of your products as well as a nice glow.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, I’m sure you’ve heard of e.l.f cosmetics power grip primer. The viral product has been flying off the shelves and, in some places, has been out of stock for weeks at a time.

I had to find out what all the hype was about and try it for myself. While I’ve only been using it since December, it’s safe to say the rumors are true: this primer might be one of the best ones I’ve ever used.

It’s so sticky and my makeup looks just like it did when I first put it on by the time I take it off at the end of the day. It’s easily in the top 10 of my favorite makeup purchases.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft mATTE fOUNDATION

Just like a house, no makeup look should be created without a great foundation base. That’s where Fenty Beauty comes along. This product changed the entire beauty industry when it was released, as it launched with range of 50 different shades.

This was something little to no brands had done before, and what made it better is the founder and face of the company is the amazing Rihanna. A true win-win scenario.

When you apply the soft matte foundation to your skin, it instantly blurs your pores without clogging them and still allows your skin to look natural. Throughout the day, foundations tend to separate on top of the skin and start to look oily and shiny on the face, but Fenty does not budge.

It only comes off when you want to take it off — a feat that very few companies have proven to do successfully. I have been wearing it for years, and I see no reasons why I’ll stop anytime soon.

Strawberry Jam Blush

Blush is a makeup product I’ve only recently started to experiment with. I was in the drugstore one day and saw the Strawberry Jam Blush by Physicians Formula and decided to take a leap of faith. For $10 I would either love it or hate it, and I’m happy to report that I absolutely love it.

When you first open the blush, you are welcomed with the sweet smell of strawberries, and I wouldn’t blame you if you were tempted to eat it. It has printed strawberry pattern on top with just a hint of glitter in it that translates beautifully onto the face.

I admit I was a little skeptical that the color would show up on my skin, but this blush is Black girl friendly. In fact, I would say this is a universally flattering shade, which is very rare for a blush to be able to do.

cLINIQUE Black Honey Lip Gloss

Lip products have always been a hit-or-miss for me. My lips are two toned and it can be difficult to find a color that looks great and cohesive. Meet Clinique Black Honey Lip Gloss, the product that does just that.

I am obsessed with the color of this gloss, and it’s safe to say with it going viral on TikTok, many others are as well. You can wear this color day to day or for a night out — it gives the same impact and effect in either place.

One of my favorite things about this gloss is its longevity. I can eat or drink with it on and not need to touch it up. While it eventually does fade, it leaves behind a beautiful cherry wine color stain in its place.

It’s also extremely soft on the lips and is very hydrating, so no worries about dry or chapped lips. Black Honey also isn’t sticky: a common complaint many people have when wearing lip gloss.

One of the great things about makeup is how fun and expressive it can be. With the same products, you can create hundreds of different makeup looks and the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

Madison Mendez is a third-year student at Penn State majoring in Professional Photography. She is from Orlando, Florida and is obsessed with Billie Eilish, the beach, and baking.