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Millie Bobby Brown is Engaged!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

19-year-old actress, Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram early this morning to announce her engagement to 20-year-old Jake Bongiovi, son of Jon Bon Jovi.

Brown is most famously known for her role in the “Stranger Things” franchise as Eleven.

As she’s grown up, she’s taken on many roles and has become a funny and loving role model to many children who grew up alongside her watching her show.

Some of those movies include the “Godzilla” series and the “Enola Holmes” series where she stars as Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister who goes out into the world and solves her own mysteries.

The two lovebirds have been dating since 2021 and have become everyone’s favorite couple.

Brown and Bongiovi’s Red Carpet Debut

According to Cosmopolitan, the couple started posting on Instagram ‘just as friends.’

This slowly progressed into a blurry kissing photo, which was a clear sign that these too are way more than just BFFs.

In January 2022, Brown referenced Bongiovi as her “boyfriend” when talking about her obsession with Olivia Rodrigo’s song, “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back.”

For her 18th birthday the following month, the two dressed up as Barbie and Ken.

It’s easy to say that these two have been inseparable and are on Cloud Nine. Her fans couldn’t be happier!

Engagement Post on Instagram

Brown took to posting a romantic black and white beach picture that subtly displays a beautiful, diamond ring on her left hand.

The two are giggling and smiling, which makes for a wholesome mood.

Brown captioned her post “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all 🤍” quoting Taylor Swift’s song “Lover.”

Of course, the song is fitting as the two of them have been together for three consecutive summers, but the irony of using Swift’s quote stings as we know Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, broke up a few days ago.

Bongiovi posted two colored photos on his Instagram, one of the two looking out at the ocean and another of them admiring each other.

His caption? “Forever🤍” with the same matching white heart seen on Brown’s post.

Bongiovi’s Engagement Pictures on Instagram

Obviously, everyone in the comment section is ecstatic and congratulating the pair on this huge step in life.

It seems that most fans are extremely happy for the pair and are making jokes about how fast she’s grown up before their eyes.

But what seems to be surprising fans more is their own reality check; that most of Brown’s fans are the same age as her and they have grown up too.

But the main consensus? Everyone is happy to see her in a happy and healthy relationship.

According to People, Brown was in a relationship with Tik Tok star, Hunter Ecimovic, who claimed on a live video in 2021 that he had “groomed” Brown while she was underage and then started a relationship with her while she was still underage.

In a talk with Allure, Brown claimed that she healed a lot after that, but she felt empowered knowing her worth and walking out of that situation.

All we can say is congratulations to the pair!

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