Merci Notre Dame

Paris’ breathtaking architecture and rich history that can be found on every corner is what made me fall head-over-heels in love with the city. As news broke out about a fire at Notre Dame that swiped this treasure’s spire and roof, I immediately felt a deep sadness, for it felt like a piece of the place I love the most was gone. Notre Dame was among the first sites that I visited when I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Paris two years ago. I remember standing in front of this majestic mass and being speechless, as its beauty demanded to be acknowledged. Designed to be the epitome of gothic medieval architecture completed in 1345, Notre Dame was a favorite among historical figures such as Henry VI of England, Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte. The design makes you feel as if you were among these icons as the cathedral screamed royalty and sophistication. As I stepped in the cathedral, I experienced a peak in my spirituality. As a second grader attending a Catholic school, I remember one of my teachers telling me that when you truly love, you can physically feel it in your heart. I felt exactly that on that April day walking through the captivating cathedral. I felt a love for the beauty, a love for the history and most importantly, a love for the Lord. It gave me a feeling that I was destined for something greater, as it was almost impossible not to feel inspired when tilting my head up to the vastly tall ceilings. As a parisienne at heart, I will never forget the experiences Notre Dame gave me. But as I believe in the people of this incredible city, I am reassured that they will come together, rebuild and come out stronger. Merci, Notre Dame, je ne vous oublierai jamais.