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Once upon a time, there was a girl scrolling through social media, only to find something very peculiar. She sat up straight, rubbed her eyes in disbelief, mouth gaping open and asked, "Can people really be paid for this? This is a job?"

Now, in all seriousness, have you ever come across a job that you never thought could be a job? I know I have.

Here are some jobs I didn't know existed until now.

Professional Bed Tester

Doesn't everyone love staying in bed from time to time? Well, professional bed testers turned this exact urge into a career.

Professional bed testers are usually tasked to test new mattresses and bedding products. They create a report assessing the mattress' level of comfort and other factors by laying and sleeping on it.

The average annual salary for a professional bed tester in the United States is $58,249, making it a very tempting job to pursue.

Water Slide tester

Riding a water slide is always fun, especially on a hot summer day. But did you ever stop to think about how these water slides were approved? That's where water slide testers come in!

Water slide testers are hired to see if water slides are both fun and safe. They ride the water slide multiple times to assess its water usage, how fast they move down it and take note of any safety hazards. Additionally, they may write a report that can be featured on travel magazines or websites.

The average annual salary for a water slide tester in the United States is $45,611.

Personal Shopper

Are you the type of person who loves shopping? Now there's a way you could get paid for it.

A personal shopper's job description depends on their client. Usually, they offer their clients advice, make recommendations, take and return orders, help look for a certain product and much more.

Essentially, their main responsibility is to find products that their client may like and buy it on their behalf. If their client doesn't have a particular product in mind, they would offer suggestions.

The average annual salary for a personal shopper in the United States is around $47,520. The salary depends on who your client is or how high of a value the products you handle are.

Netflix tagger

Did you ever watch Netflix and notice the tag associated with it? Or have you wondered how Netflix knew what to recommend to you next? Well, you can thank the work of Netflix taggers!

Netflix taggers get paid to watch Netflix shows and movies. Their responsibilities include assigning the shows or movies they watch with the relevant tags. The tags include the release date, genre, cast or crew members, types of profanity or violence or languages in the content.

The annual median salary for a Netflix tagger is $69,906.

Professional bridesmaid

A professional bridesmaid is usually tasked to help run errands, plan the bachelorette party, help with shopping for a wedding dress, organizing RSVPs and help with the registry for gifts. Additionally, they greet guests and are present for the ceremony.

A professional bridesmaid is perfect for the bride who doesn't want to worry on their special day. If you're detail-oriented and a social butterfly, this may be the perfect job for you!

The average annual salary for a professional bridesmaid in the United States is $42,206.

Those are some of the oddest jobs I've never heard of. Which one was the most surprising to you?

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