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Jack Brings Hawaii to Eisenhower

“It’s always better when we’re together, makin’ banana pancakes….”

Referred to as “The World’s Mellowest Superstar” by Rolling Stone, Jack Johnson put on an incredible show for Penn State students last night. Students waited for hours all day long yesterday outside Eisenhower Auditorium… but it was absolutely worth the wait.

The set was nothing but guitars, drums, keyboards and two bohemian rugs. In flip flops, jeans and a t-shirt, I felt so relaxed just being in the singer’s presence. Through his calming tone and casual, warmhearted talk with the crowd, I couldn’t help picturing myself in a small hut on the beach with Jack playing the guitar and a hookah nearby.

His down-to-earth vibes made me think… this guy must live the best life ever.

He played everything from “Bubble Toes” to “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” to “Never Know.” When Jack said “any requests?,” the audience almost perfectly in snyc replied “BANANA PANCAKES!”- one of my favorites from the night. He included a short anecdote about how he met his wife by “locking his bike to hers in school” so they could talk. The story led to “Do You Remember,” which included the lyrics: “almost 18 years have gone by, and you’re still mine.” I actually got teary. Leaving the concert I heard a girl say “He is SO in love!”- it is something so transparent through his music and performance. Of course he couldn’t leave us hanging… and ended with “Better Together” in the encore.

Despite the fact that Jack had two opening acts, ALO and G.Love, he did not in the least cheap out on students and played for almost two hours. I love me some Jack and loved every minute — I know I can say the same for the majority of students in the packed auditorium. Something about Jack Johnson’s overall aura warms the soul, and I know I could’ve stayed and listened to him play all night.

Seeing Jack Johnson live. Bucket List. Check.

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