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It’s Time to Tangerine Tango

Every year, the color experts at Pantone scour the latest fashion and social trends to name the color of the year.  The 2012 winner is tangerine tango. 

Coloring our year, tangerine tango is a vibrant red-orange that packs a punch.  Last year’s choice was a warm, pastel pink, but for 2012 Pantone—according to a press release—selected a color that will “provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.” So get ready to see this eye-catching color popping up in storefronts and sidewalks alike. 

While orange may not be the go-to staple of your closet, this exotic hue can be fun and fashionable.  Here are a few tips to work tangerine tango into your spring semester wardrobe.

For those lucky girls who always sport a tan, wearing tangerine tango is a breeze, since the color pops with olive and dark skin tones.  Go for statement pieces and all-over color.  You can totally pull it off.  Try a little orange dress for a night out or spice up the classic trench coat with this vibrant shade.  Check out J. Crew’s Hacking Jack in Herringbone for a great blazer that comes in this year’s color.

If you have a porcelain complexion, like myself, this punchy hue can be a bit trickier to incorporate into your wardrobe.  Go with the less-is-more approach with accent pieces like a bold watch, gauzy circle scarf or a skinny, patent belt.  Browse web sites like Piperlime, ShopStyle and TopShop to look through tons of accessories in one place and score some great deals.      

Unsure about brights?  Nail polish, lip color and home décor are the perfect ways to add a hint of tangerine.  The color shy can opt for a DIY mani in the punchy red-orange “Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It” by OPI or the more subtle melon “On the Same Paige” by OPI. 

You can also perk up your make-up bag by grabbing a lip-gloss in this fun shade.  If you are feeling brave, try MAC lipstick in Lady Danger. 

Tangerine tango can make a closet-sized dorm or apartment a little sunnier. So add a vase with orange flowers, inexpensive dinnerware or a simple candle.

Combine tangerine tango with your favorite trends. 
Color block is everywhere; so add a little orange by choosing pieces that incorporate the color.  Go for an ombre look that mixes varying shades of orange to tone down this bold color.  Trends are paying homage to decades past, and ‘60s-inspired platform pumps with a splash of tangerine make for the perfect pair.  Try on Two Lips’ Reflection Pump in orange.     

Don’t be afraid to pair tangerine with bold shades, just remember to consult the color wheel.  Stick with other warm tones like pink or go for its opposite, royal blue, to compliment this hue.  To keep your look from conjuring up images of black cats and pumpkins, opt for pieces with a melon tone rather than a true orange.  Tangerine tango has a softer, more tropical feel than the trademark Halloween color.   

Whether you are rocking a bold dress or subtle hint of color, tangerine tango is the perfect way to spice up your spring wardrobe. 

Happy Shopping!

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