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I Use the Rare Beauty Under Eye Brightener Daily, Here’s Why You Should Too

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Everyone has go-to beauty items they don’t stray away from. It could be something like a favorite mascara, blush or foundation.

After using the Rare Beauty Under Eye Brightener for a few months, I need to tell you why this should be a new staple for you.

Rare Beauty is a cosmetic line that was launched in February 2019 by the beloved Selena Gomez. The initial products that were launched with the brand were eyeliners, blotting papers, powders, liquid highlighters and the viral liquid blush, just to name a few.

In December 2022, the brand launched an under eye brightener that was quick to go viral on social media. Just like the blush, this became a new staple among many people and they were quick to share their reviews online.

The packaging features a sleek, clear tube with a light pink twist-off cap. Once you open the product and remove the wand from the tube, you will see that the applicator is a metal ball, which seems strange at first, but now I totally get it.

The metal wand holds just the right amount of product that you need to cover your under eye and it doesn’t cake on the product like a doe foot applicator would. Since the material on doe foots tends to hold onto more product to apply to your face, it makes sense that Gomez used something (like metal) that would distribute less product for a more natural look.

Not only does the metal applicator deposit the perfect amount of product, but it also feels nice while applying. The metal is cold to the touch which leaves my under eyes with a refreshed feeling during application.

The formula is also to die for. It is such a light consistency that my under eyes never feel heavy. It lays nicely and, with just a few taps from your fingers to blend it out, it looks so natural. No one would ever guess you had makeup on if you didn’t tell them.

This product leaves you with a refreshed look by not only concealing dark under eyes but also having a slightly dewy finish, which makes it look like your skin is naturally glowing from within.

This under eye brightener is seriously sleep in a bottle.

I wear this product alone a lot, but it pairs well under concealer as a little boost to make your under eyes look flawless.

While the intent of this product is for your eyes, I also use it on any discoloration I want to conceal on my face. I find that a true concealer is often too heavy and pigmented, which makes it very obvious that I’m trying to cover something.

When using this, it covers up any redness I’m trying to conceal in a very natural way. It still looks like my skin, just more evened out.

Now, while I will stand by this product formula, the only issue is there are only six shades: light, light-medium, medium, medium-tan, medium-deep and deep. I do think because this is only a brightener and the formula on this product is so thin, it doesn’t really add a ton of pigment. So, a few skin tones could maybe get away with using one shade.

The Rare Beauty concealer and foundation both offer 48 shades, so why not make the shade range for this a bit broader too?

At a price point of only $24 and only needing a dot or two per use, it is definitely worth your money. Don’t just take my word on how amazing this product is though, go buy it for yourself here!

Caroline is a third-year student at Penn State studying digital and print journalism with a minor in digital media trends and analytics. When she is not doing school work or writing for HER Campus @ PSU, she is at the gym, watching YouTube, cooking/ baking, or hanging out with friends.