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I Didn’t Wear Any Black Clothes for a Week: And This Is How It Went

As most people say, there’s more black in our closets than any other color. I mean, it is the most basic and staple color. Personally, I find myself wearing black almost everyday. So, in light of warmer weather, I decided to try something new. 


I will not be wearing the color black for an entire week. Speaking from someone that has something black on everyday, I knew this wasn’t going to be the easiest thing. Since summer is approaching, why not try to dress colorful for the season?


On Monday, I was definitely struggling to say the least. Staring at my closet, I felt like my entire wardrobe was the color black. I knew this was not going to be the easiest challenge, but I was ready to try it out.  


I was getting dressed to workout and I was struggling to not grab my favorite pair of black leggings. But, I stayed strong and grabbed my blue leggings to pair with a white tank. I felt so weird not wearing black to the gym because I normally gravitate towards black clothes, especially while I work out. It's a safety-color and it always matches, so it's easy to grab anytime.


When I was walking around on Monday, I was in a great mood by looking at myself and not seeing any dark colors. Wearing colors is so much more fun and it was honestly motivating to not have any dark colors on. I even felt more productive at the gym. 


As the weekdays went on, I continued to pull out the brightest colored workout apparel I have instead of my usual black sets. I felt so much more motivated; this was totally worth it. There's something about wearing colorful clothes and accessories that brings me joy.


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Towards the end of the week, I struggled the most with alternate outfits. Everyone knows that the typical go-to outfit is jeans and a black crop top. 


Not putting on a black top to go out at night took a lot of willpower, but I ultimately didn’t do it. I felt so much more fun wearing a top that isn't boring or black. It immediately lifted my mood and I felt so much more confident going out in something colorful. 


Not sure what exactly it was, but something about wearing colorful and fun outfits completely changed my mood that week. 


Black is such a go-to easy color to throw on everyday because it goes with everything, but mixing it up and adding color to my wardrobe was definitely a good decision. It was a little difficult at first, but once I got into the routine of not reaching for my favorite black items, it became a habit to ignore them. 


If you are ever bored and looking to do something to spice up your outfits, I definitely recommend trying this out. It was hard at first but wearing colorful outfits completely lifted my mood and spirit for the week. I’m definitely going to try to wear as little black as I can from now on.

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