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How to Make the World Your Runway This World Cup

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

The World Cup is finally here! 

Games started in Qatar on Monday, November 21 where each country tried to take home the coveted title. Aside from the controversy of hosting the tournament in Qatar itself (here it is a great article on that from The Athletic), there is a smaller controversy over World Cup fashion. 

Some countries’ kits are unique and a fashion statement, while some, such as the USA’s, have been met with negative reactions and immense disappointment from fans. And, there are countless companies that put their own spin on World Cup merchandise for fans for a truly unique look. 

While some people view it as simply an overpriced shirt, jerseys have become synonymous with moments of soccer, or football, history. England has only won one World Cup in 1966, the kit from that tournament is still instantly recognizable across the country, with this year’s away kit being praised because of its callback to the 60s. Nigeria’s kit drop in 2018 had 3 million pre-orders placed, breaking records as Manchester United, who sold the most jerseys globally, had 2.85 million sales in 2016; resale prices for the jersey were typically in the $200-300 range! 

Would it be unpatriotic to not talk about the United States first? From the moment this kit was leaked, it has been marked by countless public outrage and disappointment. The Nike kit misses the mark for many as there is seemingly no connection to soccer and attempts to replicate the NFL with swooshes on the sleeves.

There seems to be no true effort put into the World Cup jersey as the US men’s team qualified for the first time since 2014. Soccer is constantly put up against the NFL in debates and struggles greatly in USA compared to other countries, and something that could have united the country. One thing is for sure, if the US fails to make it out of their group, many in the public will put blame onto this unsuccessful kit.

In September, Denmark came out strong with statement jerseys. All three shirts are a subtle protest against the World Cup being hosted in Qatar and the harm that came with that. The plain red, white and black (in mourning of lives lost) kits camouflage the badge and logo as the manufacturers support Denmark all the way, but do not support Qatar and wish to remain invisible.

While the Denmark national jerseys are simplified as a stance, it also makes it more versatile looking from a fashion view. It features the classic colors of the Danish team that will never change, making it an option to turn back to time and time without an outdated style to worry about. It would also be easy to dress up or down — it can be worn casually with sweatpants while watching the game at home or to wear with trousers and accents such as a blazer to the game or out with friends.

National team kits are the easiest and most common way to rep your favorite team during the tournament with three jersey options for each of the 32 teams that qualified. In my opinion, the countries sponsored by Adidas had the best kits while Nike and Puma lagged behind.

However, for those searching for more options or those who aren’t fans of jerseys, there are countless other places to find clothes to cheer your team on!

art of football

I recently discovered the store Art of Football and to say I am obsessed is an understatement. I returned to the store every day for a week before giving in, buying some items and adding the rest to my Christmas list.

The store features unique and vintage clothing for both national and club teams of many of the top leagues in the world. And, making them even better, they have an entire section dedicated to women’s football clothing.

If you truly love the sport and want people asking where you got your clothes from, Art of Football is the best site and worth the investment. They just released an amazing USA line for the World Cup and constantly update their site.


COPA is based in the Netherlands and is a go-to destination for classic shirts and retro collaborations. COPA has both authentic old jerseys and will collaborate with a club to create fashion inspired by old collections. I adore their retro jackets, who wouldn’t want to walk around Penn State in the winter with a jacket that will be envied?

live breath futbol

Live Breath Futbol is a go-to for graphic tees of your favorite teams, players or comfy training clothes while playing the sport and simply living life. Graphic tees are trending again and a popular street style, and these are a perfect option for you to stay in your style while making your national team allegiance known.

soccer bible

Soccer Bible is a US based company redefining soccer culture for the present day. They consistently post about clothing collections and collaborations dropping to combine soccer and fashion. Following this instagram account will help you gain access to quick drops and fashion many others won’t for looks that will stand out this tournament.

With countless ways to support teams during the upcoming World Cup, you now also have countless looks to stay fashionable while savoring the games under next time in 2026. From dressing up a jersey of your choice, to going a bit out of the norm and buying retro gear or graphic tees, sports can quickly merge onto a runway as passions combine.

Good luck to all the teams and have fun putting together your ideal look!

Ashley is a freshman at Penn State University majoring in broadcast journalism. In her free time, she loves reading, watching premier league football, obsessing over Harry Styles, and proclaiming her love for Saquon Barkley.