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I am a morning person. When I wake up in the morning, I usually feel energized and ready to start the day. Unfortunately, I know that 95% of the population are not morning people and may struggle with getting out of bed early and starting the day.

For me, the morning is the time when I can be most productive because, after a long day of classes, the last thing I want to do is run errands. I always hear people asking how they can become more of a morning person and the secret is having a morning routine. Today I figured I’d share how to develop a morning routine so that you can become more of a morning person.

Get up at the same time every day

This one is hard but it is worth it. If you are like me and have classes that start at different times every day, it can be hard to develop a consistent sleep schedule. I decided early on this semester that I wanted to get up at 8 a.m. every day because the earliest class I have started at 9:05. This allows me to get to class on time if I have a 9:05, but if I don’t have a 9:05, I can get my errands done early in the morning before I have my classes or I can go to the gym.

Listen to music

As soon as I get up, my headphones go in. Listening to music helps me to feel motivated and makes getting ready for the day more bearable. I used to have a go-to morning playlist that I would listen to, but I got bored of that. Now, I change it up depending on the day. Currently, I love listening to the 2010s Mix Spotify has made for me for the day but in the past, I’ve loved podcasts, my daily mixes or random playlists I have on my phone from middle school. Try listening to music as a way to start your day!

check the weather

While this doesn’t seem like something that needs to be in a morning routine, with the State College weather always changing, it has become a part of mine. That five seconds I spend checking the weather helps me pick out a comfortable outfit for the day. It is also a chance to relax before I have to go out and start my day, especially if I am feeling not so motivated. Whether it’s checking the weather or doing your makeup, do something that brings you a moment of solace before you start your day.

Do something that you enjoy

Take a minute to make coffee, scroll on Tik Tok or do something that you enjoy. You are about to face a long day and doing something that you enjoy can make the morning a little better and will make you want to wake up more. Drinking coffee while scrolling on Tik Tok are the things I do but obviously, there are more productive things you can do like yoga or going to the gym that will help you start your morning. I highly recommend trying this!

These four things are what make it easy for me to be a morning person and to start the day in a good way every day. I hope this was helpful and good luck with being a morning person, collegiettes!

Reese Bernstein is a senior at Penn State majoring in Psychology with a focus in business. She is from "right outside" of DC in Northern Virginia. Along with writing for Her Campus, Reese is a member of a sorority and occasionally goes to the gym when feeling motivated.