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We are all the same deep down. We are either hungry, tired, or stressed. College is hard, we all know this, but people outside of college don’t always understand the struggles us girls go through during each never-ending semester. To all the adults that have forgotten what college was like and to all the high schoolers preparing for their first year, here are some ​Friends​ gifs of Joey that will give you an insight of life in college.

When we see free food, we take it
Talking to our crush is never and will never be calm, composed, and rarely sexy
We’re always concerned whether or not food will be provided
Naps become crucial to our mental health and ability to function
We are forced to take a language because it’s a requirement for our major
Running late becomes a part of our daily routine
Our makeup is never complete
We aren’t always very friendly when it comes to sharing our food
What’s sleep? We wake up panicked, wondering if we turned in that assignment due at midnight at least twice a week
We want to look cute but also not freeze our butts off on the walk to class
Our bodies may not be where we want them to be, but we still love ourselves no matter what #selflove

There you have it. Joey has the attitude of a college student. Hopefully this helped jog your memories of your college years or prepare you for what is to come. Or for those girls in school now, here is someone you can always relate to.

McKenzie is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University studying Communications Arts & Sciences. A born and raised Jersey Girl who loves fashion. She spends her free time writing and indulging in self-help books. She plans to go into HR Consulting after graduating.
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