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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Halloween is right around the corner. And if it still hasn’t hit you yet and you’re not feeling very spooky here’s some ways to get into the spirit:


Watch a scary movie: Scary movies are the best way to get into the spooky spirit. Halloween is all about the scaries so immersing yourself in that sooner than later could help. There are even so many Halloween themed scary movies and now’s the best time to watch them. If scary movies aren’t your thing, pick one that still get the point across, a classic like Halloweentown.  

Go to a halloween store: Seeing all the scary decorations could help get you in the spirit. It’s exciting to see what other people are buying to decorate their home with or what their costumes are. And it’s a whole store dedicated to the holiday, what could be better?


Make cute halloween themed treats: There are so many cute holiday treats around this time that people make. Get creative in the kitchen and make something cute to step up your pep a little bit. If anything, you’ll have something to eat at the end and that’s always good. 


Get your home in the spirit: What’s better than going to the Halloween store? Actually decorating your home for the season. Decorations help you get and stay festive, it’s exciting to put up your decorations and see your house all festive. You can only put them out once a year so why not go crazy?

Do other fall activities: Now’s the time to go to a pumpkin patch or apple picking so why not take advantage of the season. Doing other seasonal activities could help you get ready for the holiday and more into the fall season. 


After all this, you’ll be more than ready for Halloween. 


Bailey McBride is a Senior at Penn State University pursuing a Broadcast Journalism degree with minors in Political Science and Digital Media Trends & Analytics. She is a sister of Delta Gamma. She enjoys making hyper-organizational lists and looking at future pups to adopt. Her dream job is to be Press Secretary of the White House.