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How to Demand Justice for Casey Goodson

On Dec. 4, Casey Goodson was fatally shot by Franklin County sheriff’s deputy Jason Meade in Columbus, Ohio. Goodson was walking home from a dentist appointment, carrying Subway sandwiches and was shot by police in front of his grandmother and two toddlers. 


Police said that he was waving around a gun, however, that was not the case. Goodson was legally armed and had a carry permit holder, but he wasn’t holding it in his hand. He was holding sandwiches and his keys. 


Goodson was shot three times in the back as he entered his house and fell in front of his family. As of recent news, the Franklin County Coroner has deemed his death to be a homicide. 


The Washington Post post states, “Contradictory accounts and an investigation that critics say lacks transparency have marred the case in the 12 days since Goodson’s death.” 


Body-camera footage is non-existent, and officials have not made it clear as to why Meade initially approached Goodson. He did not have a warrant of any kind, and he was not a suspect in any case, according to the Post. This case is being brought to court soon, and hopefully Goodson and his family get the justice they deserve. 


This act of violence should not be taken lightly, and it’s an abuse of power by the police, and there are things you can do to help demand justice. 


Take to Instragram


Post information on Instagram and take part in your own personal advocacy. Please fact check before sharing posts. 

Here are some posts to share:







Donate to GoFundMe


Here is a GoFundMe This goes to his burial services.




Call or email your representatives

You can call your own representatives to demand support for any legislation that fights racial injustice.


Use this script — or something similar — when contacting them. Feel free to express your own feelings and why you want our representatives to do something about it: 


“Hello, my name is ___ and I am a citizen of ____ district. I am calling today to urge ____ to support any legislation regarding racial injustice. Last Friday, Casey Goodson was murdered by Deputy Sheriff Jason Meade and I want ____ to support any legislation that deals with police brutality.”

Call Ohio Representatives


Along with your own representatives, you can also call the following representatives in Ohio.


Franklin County Sheriff’s Department: (614)-525-3333

Ohio Governor Mike Devine: (614)-644-4357

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther: (614)-645-7671


Some things that you can bring up in your call are transparency about the case for both the Franklin County Police Department and the Columbus Police Department, a demand for the arrest and charge of Jason Meade, and getting the Franklin Police Department to make it mandatory to wear body cameras.


Sign Petitions


Here are a few petitions you can sign. 





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