How To Build The Perfect Snowman

Brrr. The temperature drops to below freezing. It starts to snow. You wonder whether or not you'll have a snow day. You go to sleep hoping it'll snow enough for you to not have class. Then, suddenly, as you're dreaming of sugarplums, you're abruptly woken by a text and you find out that you don't have school! It's a snow day! Not wanting to waste a second, you jump out of bed to play in the snow with your roommates. Together, you decide you want to make the best snowman of all time, but how? You haven't made a snowman in years and you forgot! Well, have no fear! Here are the steps to making a perfect snowman:


1. First, you need to bring a carrot to the place that you plan to build a snowman. This carrot will be used as the nose for your snowman. 


2. Once you get to the spot where you want to build your snowman, you need to find sticks. These branches will be used as the arms for your snowman.  


3. Then, you'll have to clear out a nice spot for the snowman. 


4. Next, it's imperative that you make three snowballs. 


5. Now, roll the largest one to the spot that you want to make the snowman. Then, make two more progressively smaller ones.  


6. It's finally time to stack the snowballs, with the largest snowball of the snowman on the bottom. 


7. Now, it's time to decorate! You can make your snowman as fashionable as you'd like! Your snowman can sport a bougie hat, a pair of glasses, a cashmere scarf or even a jacket. 


8. Now, step back and enjoy your masterpiece! It’s time to give your snowman a name. 


9. Last but not least, make sure to take lots of pictures with your new best friend! 


Snow days should be enjoyed with your best friends by your side as you sip on hot cocoa. Hopefully, this how-to guide will enable you to have one of the best snow days ever as you build a snowman with your bestie bops!