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Here’s What You Can Do to Help the People in Puerto Rico

As the leader of our country attacks the NFL and Steph Curry, Puerto Rico is in desperate need of your help. Hurricane Maria tore through the island last week, leaving destruction in her wake and over three million people in need of assistance, all while Donald Trump fails to recognize that these citizens are Americans. The government has said they’ll be sending aid to Puerto Rico sometime in October, but this is not soon enough. Thankfully, there are great people out there dedicating much of their time to making sure Puerto Rico gets help as soon as possible. Puerto Rico is dealing with a crisis, and if the government fails to step up, then it is up to people like us to help those who need it most.

If you’re looking to contribute to the relief effort, these organizations offer ways to help:


Remember, any amount you have to donate can go a long way, and if you can’t donate, consider sharing donation links on social media to help spread awareness.If you’re looking for other ways to help contribute to the cause, here are some more helpful articles to provide you with the information you may need:

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