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Health is Wealth: Here’s How to Combat the Frat Flu

Before college, I never got sick. Like, ever. I had seven years worth of perfect attendance, I only went to the doctor for my annual check-up, and I never worried about carrying cough drops in my purse. Those were the days. I don’t know what made my immune system tank, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Here are some tips to deal with whatever illness cold, (frat) flu and corona season throws at you.

Stay Healthy!

Easier said than done.

Staying healthy sounds like a simple task, but sometimes college makes it impossible. When you have the time, go to the gym, cook a healthy meal or spend time working on a personal project. Your physical and mental health go hand-in-hand, so be sure to take care of yourself as best as you can. Look into vitamins, supplements or superfoods to boost your immune system! Whenever I need a pick me up, I grab a bottle of kombucha!

Stock up on Supplies

Whenever I feel so much as a sniffle coming on, I sprint to the nearest drug store to pick up everything I need. I like to keep cold and flu capsules, pain killers, packaged crackers, gatorade, tissues, Vick’s and IcyHot on deck at all times. I keep this assortment in a basket next to my bed and it has absolutely saved me a few times. This collection is so versatile: it can treat a cold, a muscle ache, a hangover or a midnight snack craving. Keeping a cold and flu kit in the house 100% pays off when you’re hacking up a lung and unable to run to the store.

Skip the steaming hot shower

My favorite thing to do: sit in the shower until I’m about to pass out. Yep. Fun!

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice, hot shower when they’re sick? I know, it’s tempting, but science actually says that sweating out a cold is ineffective and can possibly prolong your sickness. By sweating, you are losing an insane amount of fluids and electrolytes that could help you through this illness. Sorry, ladies, save the bath bombs for another day.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Yet another given, but so important.

College is busy! There’s the hustle and bustle of class, clubs, work and social life. When you’re sick, cut corners where you can to get some sleep. Make class and work a priority but consider setting aside club events and social hours until you’re feeling better. I definitely get serious FOMO; seeing my friends go out on weekends while I sleep off my cold is painful, but well worth it in the end. Listen to your body! When you are tired, rest.

Watch your diet

Whenever you’re sick, it’s easy to turn to comfort foods. I love ice cream, but dairy is awful for you when you’re congested. I’ve found that taking a shot of hot sauce (literally, a whole shot) will help clean my sinuses, but be careful! While spicy foods can provide temporary relief for your congestion, too much may lead to stomach issues. When you’re sick, it’s best to stick to a diet of water, fruit, vegetables, protein-rich foods and other natural ingredients. Honey and ginger have been found to work as a natural remedy for a variety of common illnesses.

No matter what you’ve come down with, just be sure to take care of yourself. Listening to your body is super important in the recovery process. As a serious FOMO sufferer, I hate to say it but the party scene can wait. Your health, whether it is physical or mental, takes absolute priority!

Macy is a Pittsburgh, PA native with a passion for reading, writing, tree hugging, and music. She is pursuing a double major in biobehavioral health and English with a minor in leadership development. Outside of Her Campus, Macy spends her time with her golden retriever and her camera.
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