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I am normally the first person to encourage dressing up for family holidays. Honestly, there is nothing I love more than wearing uncomfortable leather pants at my aunt’s dining room table on Thanksgiving or strutting around my kitchen in five inch heels on Christmas Day. 


Considering the current wave of Covid-19, many people will not be spending the holiday season with their friends and families. It has been suggested by healthcare officials to stay only with your immediate family and avoid seeing your family members that are high risk. Yes, this is definitely sad, but will be worth it in the end! 


The almost year long curse of 2020 has ruined my beloved holiday fit tradition. This year is not like the normal holiday season. Unfortunately, my runway inspired outfit just doesn’t seem appropriate for Christmas dinner via Zoom. 


I know a lot of people must be confused about this year’s holiday attire, myself included. Should we be dressing to the nines or keeping it casual? Let’s do both!  

For Those Who Are Dressing Down:

Elevated Loungewear

[bf_image id="q7jzvv-fa9o5c-azpb3a"]

Can you name one person who doesn't love a good matching sweat set? I know I can’t. My best advice is to look at websites like setactive.co, urbanoutfitters.com or even themayfairgroup.com and buy yourself a cool, comfy and oversized matching set. This is the most versatile of the looks because you are guaranteed to wear it again after the holidays. 


Satin PJ Sets 

[bf_image id="44ptb5g63xm9rf63tq9vg9q"]

Nothing screams “I love Christmas” more than a family matching Christmas PJ look. If your family is anything like mine, finding a pair of pajamas that makes everyone happy is close to impossible. Therefore, I would pick my own pair of red satin PJs and let the rest of your family members battle it out. If you want to give your pajama look an edge, pair your satin set with a pair of plain open-toed heels. 


Ugly Christmas Sweaters 

[bf_image id="q2xrjo-d041m0-a10zhx"]

I have to be honest, I hate ugly Christmas sweaters, but it seems to be a fan favorite and I just had to include it on my list. Look to places like Target, Amazon and TJ Maxx to find sweaters that catch your eye. If you're feeling creative this holiday season, make your own! DIY Christmas sweaters aren’t too hard to make because, remember, the uglier the better! Use old ornaments and decorations to deck your sweater in holiday spirit. 

For Those Who Are Dressing Up

Blazer with Shorts and Tights

[bf_image id="c48w5ksrwsxt9mckg4mmt34"]

I am dying to wear this outfit. Find an oversized blazer from a store like Zara and H&M and treat it like a dress. Of course, you will need to wear either a skirt or shorts underneath the blazer, but aim to find a blazer long enough to cover the bottoms. Pair this little look with a pair of either plain or textured tights and maybe even a belt if you want to get a little crazy! 


Sweater and Collared Shirt Combo

[bf_image id="j46pq786w5wkx6wnmwvm577"]

Think private school, but just a little cooler. Right now I am living for either a polo or a button down shirt layered underneath a sweater or a crewneck. It’s simple and it’s easy, but still trendy and fun. Pair this look with a pair of leather pants and platform Doc Martens or take this school girl look to the next level and wear a little pleated skirt on the bottom. 


Knit Dress

[bf_image id="q7juv7-cy5220-3yj23b"]

A good knit dress is a classic, it’s a staple in everyone’s closet. For this holiday season, I recommend wearing an ankle length knit dress and keep it neutral in color. Pair this with a sick pair of leather boots and leather jacket to match. If you can’t tell, I love leather! This outfit will make you look so put together and trendy. To make matters better, you will be the comfiest person there!


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