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Giving COSMO Girls a Run For Their Money: Get the Ballsy, Fearless Attitude You Want

Welcome back, ladies! Fall 2012 is here. Not only are the winds of Happy Valley sweeping in a new school year, but the start to a whole new YOU. Maybe it’s just me, but I see big things happening for us collegiettes this year. Maybe it’s the fact that the “end of the world” phenomenon for December 2012 hangs over our heads (eek!). Maybe I have in fact read one too many Cosmos featuring countless kick ass women… Nevertheless, I believe it’s time for a change and it starts right now. It’s time to spice up our lives (without British flag mini dresses and 7-inch platform moon boots) and reinvent ourselves. We’re going to bring out the go-getter, fearless outlook inside each one of us and get the confidence that makes life so much more enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying. Sure, this attitude makeover is “all about you,” but sometimes, life is so much more fun that way. And anyway, you deserve it.

Finally forget your loser ex (and better yet, get revenge).
NEW you? NEW boys. Believe me, I know how easy it is to be continuously sucked into the trap that is your ex boyfriend. I’ve seen and heard it all — You’re hoping he’ll turn around. He’s your comfort zone. He was actually nice to you today. Been there, done that. I get it. But going in these patterns will eventually wear you down and feel routine. Instead of wasting time checking your phone over and over waiting for his texts, you could be well off into a flirty, shameless fling with that hottie from your CAS class. Breaking away and doing your own thing is the first and one of the most crucial steps to the confidence and feel good attitude you want. Something as little as getting asked for your phone number or out on a date may not only make you quickly forget about your lingering ex, but it will leave you feeling satisfied knowing you still got your game. Oh well, his loss. Who says you need a man, anyway? If it’s coming with drama, cut it off! You’ll be the bigger and better person for it. No stress, ladies, no stress. And while you’re the one that got away, he’ll be the lone puppy dog after you… and that feels oh, so good.

That new hairdo you’ve been mulling over? Do it.
Something as little as a new hairstyle can make an unforgettable, lasting impact. Your hair can reflect how you feel in the moment, and if you really want to take a step to a ballsy, new you, do something drastic. Boys will notice. Girls will notice. And you’ll look and feel badass. Take Miley’s radical hair change this summer when she went from long, full locks to a choppy, short, bleach blonde cut. Not only did she display her change all over Twitter, making it almost impossible to ignore, she claimed that she never felt more herself or content in her life. She went for it, and didn’t feel sorry. I recall the pop culture world being shaken up by Miley’s new do; it took over social media and the public talked about it for at least two weeks straight. People noticed. It made them take a step back and see her in a completely different light. It wasn’t the typical Miley look or move to take, but she did it shamelessly, something I actually admire her for.

Fashion, fashion, fashion.
We’re in State College. Winters are long and cold. It is so easy to want to roll out of bed in your sweatpants and go to class, but try to resist more often than not. Putting yourself together has much stronger of an impact than you may think and makes you feel better. Take it a step further and change up your wardrobe. Chunky jewelry. Colored denim. Whatever it may be, wear new things you love. The 250 mile difference shouldn’t stop you from bringing New York trendy, “I wear what I want” styles and outlook to State College. Maybe you want to go for a hippie vibe. Alternative. Retro. Whatever it may be, channel something new and rock it. Don’t doubt yourself. You CAN pull it off, and soon enough, you’ll be making those heads turn in class.

Step out of your comfort zone and make a name for yourself.
Have you always wanted to do or try something but you were intimidated, scared or claimed you “didn’t have the time”? Step up and give it a shot. Even further, make it your craft. Become one of the fitness instructors at White Building. Shoot for a position in the UPUA. Become a contributing writer for Her Campus online magazine (wink, wink). Whatever you choose to do, give it your all and I promise you will feel the reward and personal results. Take this lesson with you beyond college, because it is one that may mold and change your life. Nothing is unreachable. It is working hard, climbing the ladder and getting positively noticed that will make you feel like you can do truly anything (which you can!). What’s important about working hard to create a name for yourself is that once you do, it is something no one can take away from you. It is personal success and accomplishment. Shoot for the stars, ladies, and don’t look back.

Own that Snooki “I don’t give a f*@k” attitude.
Do what you want, and don’t feel sorry about it. In fact, OWN the things you do and believe. Who is anyone else to judge? Who cares what anyone else has to say or think? (Sorry ‘bout it, haters). Sorry, but you don’t need anyone’s permission. There’s a big world out there, so stand out. You have nothing to lose. At the end of the day, being yourself is the best thing you can do. When friends, family and people in general respond positively to what you really are, well that’s kick ass. And let me tell you this: people will respect the fact that you are yourself and that you frankly don’t give a damn about what others think ONE HUNDRED times more than if you were trying to be someone you’re not. Respect and love yourself for who you are and others will follow. That’s a fact.

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