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The Girls of Her Campus PSU: Why We Love Our Bodies

As college women, we are all more than familiar with a little thing called body image. Whether we’re killing ourselves at the gym or totally regretting the three slices of pizza we ate last night, being completely satisfied with our appearance is easier said than done. In fact, for most of us, it’s a constant struggle.

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, the girls of Her Campus Penn State have decided to bring light to the issue by taking a stand against self-doubt and society’s standards. We have pledged to love our bodies and all of the incredible things that they do for us, no matter how big, small, short, lanky or curvy they may be. We encourage each and every one of you to do the same. 

Here are just a few reasons why we have chosen to love our bodies:

Caroline Kingscott, Senior: “Because it gives me the opportunity to live life to the fullest.”


Emily Chertow, Freshman: “Because my curves are what make me feel beautiful.”


Bridget Pfirman, Sophomore: “Because it allows me to climb to new heights.”


Jessica Paugh, Sophomore: “Because it gives me the confidence I need to be myself.”


Jessie Taylor, Sophomore: “Because I’m sick of society constantly telling me that my body isn’t good enough. The moment I decided to love my body was the moment that I learned to love myself and appreciate every female body and ALL their beautiful shapes and sizes.”


Kelsie Ahern, Freshman: “Because no matter what society tells me, I know I am beautiful on the inside and out, whether I’m a size 2 or 22.”


Meghan Maffey, Sophomore: “Because it allows me to challenge myself in new ways.”


Rachael David, Junior: “Because it’s exactly what God gave me.” 


Sam McCormack, Freshman: “Because the way I look makes me feel happy and that’s all that really matters.”


Hayley Pontia, Freshman: “Because it gives me the chance to experience amazing adventures with amazing people.”


Becca Poling, Sophomore: “Because it allows me to be comfortable in my own skin, and it gives me the confidence I need to be whoever I want to be in life.”


Shelby DeMaio, Senior: “Because it helps me explore the world!”


Caroline Jimenez, Junior: “Because it’s allowed me to eat some of the best foods in the world. XOXO cookies.”


Shannon Deuel, Freshman: “Because of all the amazing places it’s taken me in this crazy world. Without it, I wouldn’t have clumsily stumbled into all of my most valuable friendships and silly adventures!”


Kearsten Lippzer, Senior: “Because it is uniquely my own and no one else’s. No matter the opinions of others, I am blessed, healthy and love my curves. There is not one ideal body to strive for; I have control and society does not! We are all different and that is beautiful.”

Love your bodies, ladies. 


Her Campus Penn State

Rachael David is currently a senior at Penn State University and serves as the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Penn State. She is majoring in public relations and minoring in psychology. Her love of creative writing and all things Penn State is what inspired her to become a member of the HC team in the fall of 2013. Her background experience includes working for the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Penn State as a social media intern in the spring of 2014 and is currently working as a social media intern for an internet marketing company in Harrisburg called WebpageFX. This past summer she also served as a PR intern for Tierney Communications. Rachael enjoys anything media related especially catching up on her favorite shows, including Saturday Night Live and any show on Food Network. She has a passion for food but also loves being active and spending her free time running or hiking. She hopes to gain more experience in all aspects of the media industry during college and plans on pursuing a career writing for a life & style publication in the future.
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