Finding Love In A Hopeless Place

Everyone expects to go off to college and eventually find “The One” that they're destined to spend the rest of their life with. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. 

I didn't enter my freshman year with this mentality that I had to find that someone; I just so happened to stumble upon them on the stoop of a frat house my very first night in college. I love telling the story of how my boyfriend and I met because it almost sounds like a college fairytale, a fluke in the simulation. 

I began my day with my family setting up my first dorm room, anxious about what the future would hold for me; I never thought I would end the day meeting someone who would change my life. 

After a tearful goodbye to my parents and siblings, I looked at my roommate and said, “Now what?” We asked around and ended up having older friends show us the nightlife around campus. After roaming around for a bit, we ended up on the front porch of a house. I walked up the stairs and this boy grabbed my hand, kissed it and introduced himself. 

I know, ok, I promise: I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!

So, you know, naturally I was swooning. I was thinking, "Where am I right now? Is this a dream? These types of boys actually exist outside of Nicholas Sparks novels?" After that night it was GAME. OVER. 

Fast forward more than two years and we just celebrated our one year of dating - he's very old fashioned (obviously) and wanted to make sure we knew each other before we dove into a meaningless relationship. I can't begin to describe how happy I am that I came to Penn State and that all the stars aligned that night. 

I always tease him that I don't know what I'll do when he graduates in the spring, because I have another year left and won’t know how to do college without him. If anyone has any suggestions, send them my way. My current thoughts are to get a puppy, but I’m not sure my roommate will be on board for that one.