Finals Week as Told by Disney Characters

It’s that time of the year again... finals week is upon us. Since our sanity is currently going down the tubes, what else can make our week better than imagining our favorite Disney characters enduring this chaotic week right along with us?


It’s just the beginning of the week, and all the work that you have yet to do is really starting to sink in.



With every hour that passes, starting a life underground and avoiding all your finals as a whole begins to seem like a plausible option.



As if finals week couldn’t be any worse, you remember that you have a final at 8 a.m.



Your mini freak out temporarily passes, and you’re finally ready to begin studying.



Yet again, maybe you should check the study guides and sylly to see what your finals are even on…



Please don’t be cumulative. Please don’t be cumulative. Oh, look. What do you know? They’re cumulative.



“Why do I always wait till the last minute to study? WHY?”



You decide to go to your favorite study spot, and it’s every student for themself.



You totally snag the last table, and the person who lost it can’t help but glare at you from across the room.




And you’re just there like:



People keep asking you if you’re ready for your finals, and you just downplay how unprepared you really are.



You’re finally on a roll with studying, but your study buddy decides to talk your ear off and inevitably distracts you.



You have to make up for lost time, so an all-nighter is your only option. It’s safe to say by around 4 a.m. you start to feel it.



The only thing that can save you now is indulging in snacks.




…and caffeine… lots and lots of caffeine.




Due to the lethal combination of sleep deprivation, sugar and excessive caffeine, you are literally starting to not even make sense anymore.




You decide that you’ve studied enough for the day and fall asleep in a matter of .5 seconds.




You wake up the next day and can’t help but feel less than prepared. But really, you have no one to blame but yourself.



It was a rough night. Then again, nobody needs to know that.



You go into your final and see the students who haven’t studied enough...



The students who know they are going to ace it...



And you’re just there like…



Then your nerves seriously start to kick in as you watch the professor start to pass out the exams.



But once it lands on your desk, you’re ready to show that exam who’s boss.



Because no matter how well you think you did on your final, nothing compares to the blissful feeling you get when finals week is finally over.


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