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Despite their differences, I consider myself an expert on all things Disney and astrology. . Everyone wants to know what characters match up with their astrological sign, or at least I do. Buzzfeed has probably done this a number of times but I decided to take my own try at it. Follow your sign to learn which Disney character you most resonate with. 

Aries: Jasmine, Nemo

Aries are known for being headstrong and ambitious. They do things fully and leave no time to second guess their decisions. Jasmine and Nemo are both perfect examples of Aries. Jasmine sneaks out of the castle and refuses to marry some silly prince. Nemo is curious and goes to touch the “butt” without thinking about the consequences. Classic Aries right here. 

Taurus: Bambi, Snow White

Tauruses are very down to earth and connected to the natural world. Bambi is very centered and soft spoken. Snow White connects with the forest animals and has a sweet nature like many tauruses. Both these characters are peaceful, another trait of this sign. 

Gemini: Alice, Ariel

As a gemini, I can 100% say that these characters fall under this sign. Geminis are classified by their curiosity and many supposed personalities. Alice and Ariel both explore foreign worlds in their movies due to their curiosity. Ariel wants to see what humans are like and Alice wants to know where the rabbit in a waistcoat went. Geminis are also very busy, constantly pursuing different paths. Ariel collects artifacts while also singing and visiting the surface world. Alice explores wonderland while also trying to find the rabbit and remember her school lessons. Classic geminis. 

Cancer: Anna, Aurora

Cancer is all about emotions. I would say that these characters are both attune to emotions and energies in their lives. Anna wants to know how everyone in her life is feeling. She also deeply relies on these people for support. Aurora is aware of emotions as well. She feels happiness when she’s in the woods with Philip but notices the somber tone of the fairies as soon as she comes home. 

Leo: Simba, Tinker Bell

Before you say anything, I didn’t pick Simba for leo just because he’s a lion. Leos are passionate, spirited and the center of attention. All I need to say for Simba is that there is a whole song about how he couldn’t wait to be king. Need I say more. On the other hand, Tinker Bell in Peter Pan is constantly fighting for Peter’s attention. She’s sassy and persistent, making her a great representation of leo. 

Virgo: Elsa, Sebastian

Virgos are very practical and rely heavily on logic. Sebastian spends the whole movie trying to keep Ariel out of trouble and on the path of a mermaid princess. In “Frozen,” Elsa tells Anna she can’t marry a man she just met (classic virgo). The “conceal don’t feel” mantra absolutely screams virgo to me. 

Libra: Duchess, Cinderella

Libra is all about harmony and balance. Libras are all around driven by good and have a romantic air about them. That is why Thanos is NOT in this spot because homeboy killed millions of people and was power hungry. Duchess from Aristocats is always balancing out her crazy kids and reminding them to be gentle. Cinderella just wants a normal life, which I see as a desire for balance. Her personality isn’t too quiet or too loud, she’s in the middle. Cinderella doesn’t cause drama or problems, wanting harmony for everyone in her life as libras do. 

Scorpio: Miguel, Merida

Scorpio is passionate and rooted in emotion. Miguel will do anything to play guitar, yet he also connects deeply with the emotions of his family. Merida is spirited and despises marriage. She cares about her family but will also follow her dreams. 

Sagittarius: Belle, Jane 

This sign is all about knowledge. Belle and Jane are “nerdy” of the disney characters. Belle loves books and wants to know about the world around her. Jane, from “Tarzan,” goes to the jungle to learn about apes. She also teaches Tarzan about the human world and all the wonderful things it has to offer. These ladies are classic Sagittariuses. 

Capricorn: Moana, Chip

Capricorn is emotional and logical all at the same time. They’re also strong willed. Moana wants to help her village but also knows that it is a really difficult journey to embark on. Chip wants to know about the world and asks many questions. Chip doesn’t understand emotions but he knows something is blooming between Belle and Beast. 


Aquarius: Lumiere, Rapunzel

This sign is all about helping others. They can be shy or bold but at the end of the day, they want to make people’s lives better. Lumiere wants to help Belle get used to the castle and help the Beast learn to love. Rapunzel wants to understand the lanterns but while doing so she helps Flynn, the kingdom and anyone else she meets. The song “I Have a Dream” gives me big Aquarius energy. 

Pisces: Flounder, Fauna

Pisces are known for their empathy and emotional intuitiveness. Founder is a classic pisces, always helping Ariel with a strong sense of knowing when danger will arise. Fauna from Sleeping Beauty is the more sensitive of the three fairies. When they realize Aurora is turning 16 and will be leaving them, she gets emotional first. At the end of the movie she says ,“Oh I just love happy endings.” 

Have fun seeing who you got and if you think I’m right! To find out how I got my interpretations, check out this article

Hannah Nelson is a senior at Penn State University, double majoring in Print/Digital Journalism and History. She enjoys Marvel movies, anything Harry Potter, books, quoting Vines and watching Tik Toks. In her free time, she is probably watching Try Guys videos on YouTube. She is passionate about mental health, women's rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.
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