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Deeper Than Glitter: What Euphoria Makeup Says About Each Character

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

The teen drama “Euphoria” on HBO Max has proven to be an absolute hit among college-aged individuals. The show speaks to a young audience, as it tackles deep issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, sexuality and mental health.

Although the show can be very dark, the makeup choices for the characters are always a beautiful sight to see. I personally have found myself going to Walmart constantly to buy rhinestones and glitter for “Euphoria” themed parties.

These looks in the show are not just for the allure of the female characters. They represent important aspects of both the character and their personality. TikTok user @artatmidnight shed light on this subject with an in-depth analysis of the makeup looks in “Euphoria” in regards to each of their characters.

I will be focusing primarily on season one to stay away from any season two spoilers. 

Maddy Perez 

On the surface, Maddy Perez is your stereotypical queen bee. She’s beautiful, strong and knows how to get what she wants.

For example, her signature color in season one was purple. In many cultures, purple is associated with wealth and royalty, which really solidifies the fact that many people worship her in the show.

Maddy is also very sharp and knows how to manipulate people. One of my favorite examples of this is when she wears all pink with soft eyeshadow to lie to Nate about her innocence. It goes to show that something as simple as a specific color choice for makeup can change the whole tone of a scene. 

Cassie Howard

Cassie’s makeup choices in season one were probably the most interesting to analyze. As the show progresses, we see that she really does not have the best grasp on who she is as a person. She spends most of her time sculpting herself into what she thinks will make her the most attractive to boys around her.

Contrasting to the more bold dark purple Maddy wears in season one, Cassie can normally be seen wearing lighter shades of pink and blue to represent innocence and femininity. 

Jules Vaughn:

Jules Vaughn has the most expressive makeup looks in the series. As a whole, her looks are very vibrant with bright neon colors to match her outgoing, playful personality. However, her looks are almost never the same and they are often used to express her wildly changing emotions throughout the series.

When she feels like she is starting to fall in love with Tyler, her looks are very soft with shades of pink. On the other hand, her looks start to become more hostile as her stressors increase. When she tries to distance herself from Rue, her eyeshadow is a bright pink encased in sharp black spikes. 

The creative team for “Euphoria” did a wonderful job setting an expectation for excellence when it comes to the makeup choices for their characters. Something as simple as a winged eyeliner can lead to an avalanche of fan theories, and I have to say that such attention to detail is extremely impressive. The looks in season two did not disappoint and I can not wait to see where they go for season three. 

Freshman Broadcast Journalism student at Penn State University.