A Day In The Life Of Being Single On Valentine's Day

This is for all the single ladies that hate being single on Valentine’s day.  At least we laugh about the turn of events that happen the next day.


1. When you wake up and realize it’s Valentines Day.


2. When you go to Starbucks for your morning coffee and your cup is exploding with hearts.


3. When you go to class and your teacher's powerpoint is Valentines Day-themed


4. When your teacher gives out Valentine's Day chocolates.


5. When somebody’s significant other surprises someone in your class with roses 


6. When your classmate doesn't shut up about her Valentine's Day plans with her boyfriend 


7. When you walk into CVS and see all the chocolates that you wish someone bought for you.


8. When you walk around campus and see couples holding hands.


9. When you check your snapchat and it’s all “on a date kinda nervous” snaps.


10. When you realize that you’re the only one single on Valentine’s’ Day.


11. When your friends get cuffed right before Valentine's Day.


12. When the boy you like doesn’t text you on Valentine’s Day


13. When you’re trying to go to the bar to drink away your single sorrows 


14. When that ex hit you with the booty-call text Valentine’s Day


15. When you see your ex at the bar with another person on Valentine's Day


16. When you realize you left your ex a drunk voicemail the next day


17. When you wake up the next day and are happy that you survived another Valentine's Day alone