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Christian Fetterman

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: York, PA

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to impress a girl?

My friends and I made the mistake of going to Stone Harbor for our senior week, where there were no cute girls! One day (I think it was Day 3), I finally spotted a fox walking in the distance. I decided it was now or never and chased after her. When I caught up to her I was out of breath and certainly a bit nervous! I told her that I thought she was cute and that I just wanted to say hi. Oddly enough, she actually found it endearing.

If you could change one thing about yourself—physically or otherwise—what would it be?

I would choose to have a deep and sultry voice. One of those voices where merely the sound would be sufficient to relax people. Whenever I get a cold and my voice drops three or four notes it completely makes up for the stuffy nose. People find my voice so easing when I have a cold that it literally does not matter what I say—the sexy tone carries the conversation and it’s awesome!

Describe the perfect date.

The best dates that I’ve been on had lots of spontaneity. For instance, one time I was taking a girl to a restaurant and we had to walk through a construction area. We were walking through the sturdy metal cages when I decided it was time for some pull-ups! I grabbed the bar above like it was my job and lifted myself a few times. Then I picked up my lady and let her give it a try. We did some pull-ups, I tickled her and we both laughed a whole bunch. After only a few minutes we felt awesome.

What do you wear when you want to look good for the ladies?

I like to wear something tight that shows muscle and exudes strength, like a well-cut polo shirt that shows off my pecs but still fits closely around my core. When I can feel my own muscles in the shirt, I know it’s a winner.  Also, the shirt needs to be a bright color, probably tar-heel blue or a strong red.

A girl you want nothing to do with just asked you out.  How would you say no?

It mostly depends upon how the girl is trying to ask me out. If she is sweet and putting herself out there for the date I will tell her that I think she is cool but that I only desire a “friends” type of relationship with her. Sometimes, I will simply brush the question aside.

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