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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

People are always on the hunt for skincare products that will keep their skin healthy and smooth — and at a reasonable price. Some people have skin that is easy to care for, very sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, or a ton of acne. Some may need some extra protection from the sun.


If your current skin products are not doing it for you, you may want to consider CeraVe.


This company sells a plethora of skincare products that are highly recommended and dermatologist approved. I have always wondered why this brand was so popular and if it truly was different than the rest.


Recently, I ran out of my face moisturizer — Clinique moisturizing lotion to be exact. To substitute, I decided to try CeraVe to find out if this product is really worth it. 


My answer is absolutely.


The first product I tried was the moisturizing cream. I used this for my body, and it is amazing how great it made my skin look. My skin gets very dry in the winter, but with this cream, I have never had softer skin. 


Since this cream worked so well on my body, I tried to use the cream on my face, but it left my skin oily. So, I decided to get the AM CeraVe facial moisturizing lotion, which is a daytime lotion used specifically for your face. It has sunscreen (broad spectrum SPF 30) to protect your skin. It moisturizes throughout the day and leaves your skin feeling soft.


At night I would repeat my morning skincare routine — wash my face and moisturize — but I realized I did not have a moisturizer to use. I quickly found out that CeraVe makes a nighttime moisturizer, so the next day I purchased the lotion. 


The PM CeraVe facial moisturizing lotion was very light and moisturized my skin throughout the night. I automatically noticed a difference the next morning, as my face was not oily. Instead, it was extremely soft. Usually, I wake up and my face is oily, especially on the sides of my nose, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin was the complete opposite.


My skin looks healthier, feels softer, and as a result, it is making me happier. I recommend CeraVe to anyone who is looking to have a set skincare routine and is ready for a good change. 

McHalea is a freshman at Penn State University majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. She is eager to learn and get involved, as she is also a member of Happy Valley Communications. She loves comedies and spending time with friends and family.
Arden Ericson will graduate Penn State in May of 2023. As one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus at PSU, she is a double-major in Public Relations and French Language. After graduation, she will pursue a career that combines her passion for educational equity, social justice and French.