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In popular media, there seems to be a fear of aging. Cosmetic surgeries and heavy filtering allow many celebrities to hide their age. However, this can create a negative stigma on aging for people who are influenced by celebrities. 

Some celebrities have begun to speak out on how aging is a natural process that should be cherished. With this, they are paving a pathway for other women to accept their natural beauty. 

Gabrielle Union 

While doing research for this article, I was shocked to see that Union was only 49 years old. She is one of the most beautiful people in the world, and she looks like she has not aged at all. Union describes not always feeling one age or the other, and that it’s okay to dress and act how you feel physically.

Union also embodies the tradition of being extremely family oriented. As part of an extremely athletic family with her husband Dwayne Wade, she emphasizes healthy exercise as a critical role in her beauty routine. This is extremely important because she does not campaign for “yo-yo dieting” as a way to be healthy. 

Jamie Lee Curtis

In a recent interview, Jamie Lee Curtis spoke on aging. As she promoted her life-long performance of Laurie Strode in the “Halloween” franchise, she described herself as “pro-aging.” This really shines through in the “Freaky Friday” movie with Lindsay Lohan. Curtis rocks a more modern look and demonstrates so much confidence through it. 

Drew Barrymore 

Drew Barrymore has always been “that girl.” With her new talk show, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” she discusses a variety of topics. With her charismatic personality, she recently discussed the importance of sex when it comes to her age. Barrymore claims she is a person who “doesn’t need sex.” This is an extremely important notion, as it shows maturity in her life.  

Cameron Diaz 

Barrymore’s “Charlie’s Angels” costar has demonstrated aging gracefully too. Diaz has always been notorious for her beauty, but recently she has largely stepped away from acting to focus on family life. In recent interviews, Diaz has spoken about how she has been swayed by societal norms and expectations for actresses. Now, Diaz is working on setting a good example by not judging herself based on society’s beauty standards. 

Tracee Ellis Ross

Within the past few years, Tracee Ellis Ross has become a household name. With “Blackish” being such a huge success, her talent has finally gone noticed. With this, Ross shows age does not hold you back from being hot. Her Instagram is full of selfies that show her natural beauty, along with her amazing humor and personality. In many interviews, Ross talks about how her confidence has grown with age, and she is the best she has ever felt both mentally and physically. 

Celebrities will always have sway over many societal norms. However, it is so important to look past all strategies people use to give off a fake sense of youthfulness. Aging is such a natural thing everyone goes through, so really embrace it.

Health Policy and Administration student at Pennsylvania State University.