Celebrating the Life of Lagerfeld

Early last week, the world said goodbye to one of the most notable figures in fashion: Karl Lagerfeld.

Known for his cutting-edge contributions to fashion brands such as Chanel and Fendi, Lagerfeld proved to the world he did much more than just doing fashion: he was fashion. Having the enormous responsibility of continuing the legendary legacy of Coco Chanel, Lagerfeld remained true to the principles she set forth at the creation of the House of Chanel. His strong commitment to remain loyal to Chanel’s classic look of tweed and elegant suits was evident in all his collections. However, he was committed to always including his own personal touch: one of daring creativity and experimentation. His work was not constrained to only Chanel, for his relentless success was also seen in Fendi, as he made the brand into the fashion powerhouse it is today. Perhaps what I always most liked about Lagerfeld was his ability to admire women not for their shape or the way they look, but instead by the way they conducted themselves. His clothing was so much more than a highlight of physical features; it was a means of empowerment and bettering oneself. The image of Karl’s gray hair tucked in a low pony and chic black sunglasses sitting on his nose as he holds his beloved cat, Choupette, will forever be imbedded in our minds. His legacy and his contributions to the fashion world today will surely not be forgotten.