Catelynn and Tyler Visit PSU

On Friday MTV’s "Teen Mom" cast members, 20 year olds Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, from Port Huron, Mich., spoke about adoption at Heritage Hall.  Bethany Christian Services, a global pregnancy and adoption counseling non-profit organization that cares for children around the world, sponsored the speech.  Jodi Stouffer of the State College Bethany Christian Services office, introduced the audience to Dawn Baker, the pregnancy counselor that worked with Catelynn and Tyler.


Dawn began the evening with a clip that explained the views and values of adoption.  She then explained the proper terminology used today when speaking about adoption: a child is "placed" for adoption, rather than "given up."  There are also different options for adoption, which are closed, semi-open, and open.  Birth parents choose the family and home in which they wish to place their child, and create a life plan for their child, prior to the actual adoption.


Catelynn and Tyler chose to have an open adoption, so that they could continue to see their daughter, Carly, at least once a year.  The young couple shared the hardships they faced when choosing adoption. But, they also touched upon the rewarding factors, like seeing Carly being raised in such a wonderful, loving and stable home—one they did not have the fortune of experiencing themselves.  They also spoke of ending the cycle of teen pregnancy by providing Carly with a better future.


Currently, Catelynn and Tyler are attending college and both majoring in Human Services.  They are engaged and are planning their wedding for July 13, 2013.


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