“Call It What You Want,” But Foster the People Rocked PSU

Last Friday night, Foster the People made a stop at the Bryce Jordan Center during their tour and it’s safe to say they have a following here in Happy Valley.  It all started with the release of their catchy hit single “Pumped Up Kicks” that had everyone hooked, singing along and wanting more of this unique indie rock sound, and they’re still going as strong as ever.

Fans began filing in when the doors opened and didn’t stop until there was no personal space to be had.  The opening act, The Velvet Teen, set the mood and pumped up the crowd, no pun intended, but they weren’t quite what fans wanted.  After an hour of anticipation passed, Foster the People finally hit the stage, and the energy was unbelievable.

Between the infectious energy of Mark Foster and the reciprocated energy of fellow bandmates, you couldn’t help but feel good.  They performed songs off of both their older album, Torches, as well as many from their newest release, Supermodel.  Even if you didn’t know the songs, you were compelled to dance and sing along.

Personally, I’ve loved them from the start, and quite frankly, adore their talent and passion. Even audience members who got dragged there by their roommates despite FTP not being their “cup of tea,” had a great time and will admit that if you weren’t there, you missed out. *

* I may or may not have done this to my roommates