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The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

I firmly believe the kind of feed you cultivate has a huge impact on your feelings. If you constantly consume media that makes you upset or angry, you’re going to feel upset and angry more often. I go through and unfollow a lot of accounts every few months to really prioritize what I want to see in my feed. Here are my 5 favorite accounts to follow that make my day so much brighter.


Honestly, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? This account is so cute and diverse — there are some sentimental and cute posts like this, but others are flat-out funny. The color scheme is always cute and never disappoints in my feed. I’ve definitely sent post from this account to my younger sister and to my friends countless time. It’s really nice how the last slide is always all four squares put together because it’s so much easier to share.


This account is called @swatercolour, as in “shitty watercolour.” I honestly adore the self-deprecating name. The digital watercolor art style is so unique. I love the dulled colors because life does feel like that sometimes. The artist mostly does works with the main character, who is often struggling, and the main character’s cat that provides emotional support. The artist always had a wonderful message to get across, and the cat’s positivity never fails to put a smile on my face.


The little blob person featured in most of these comics is the absolute cutest little thing. I love the blue scale the artist uses. It would be very easy to create sad art with a blue scale, but this artist always makes sure to finish with a lighthearted message. The little blob is such a cute pick-me-up on harder days. These are also short and sweet, which is good when you don’t have much time to put yourself in a better mood.


While these are longer and wordier, they’re still really special. All the little characters look like simple doodles which allows you to focus more on the message at hand. The color scheme is always bright and happy, even when discussing sad topics. This specific comic is one I come back to especially often, because it’s a cute reminder that change is always possible. You’re able to pivot and change your life whenever you want to.


This account is definitely the most nostalgic. They mostly use Disney characters as the figure in the inspirational art. It’s easy to read, and even if the words don’t always hit the way you want them to, the art will bring a smile to your face.

Social media can definitely be toxic, but if you cultivate your feed to make you happy, it helps out so much. These are just some of the accounts I’ve added to my feed to help me feel happier.

Madeline (she/her) is a second-year at Penn State studying Psychology and Labor and Human Resources from Bangor, Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she’s either reading or taking photos.